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Emotional Eating & Fat Club Friday – Slimming World

Slimming Success Week 3

We had a bit of a blowout week as it was Adam’s Birthday on Tuesday. Last Saturday we went out with friends to a lovely Thai place. I didn’t count my syns I just ate a lot of food, had wine and had a good time. We worked out on Sunday and on the Monday I went boxing again. I’m loving going to that class. Then on the Monday afternoon we had lunch at Pizza Express where, we had more than we should to be honest. I was feeling a bit guilty at this point and I was so worried all my hard work was going to be undone. I was a bit stiff on the Tuesday so the only working out I did was walking and managed around 9,000 steps. However, that Tuesday night was Adam’s birthday and he choose to have a Dominos and I pretty much demolished a whole large thin crust pizza. Then for the rest of the night I just felt ridiculously guilty. Despite all this we’ve still had some slimming success!

Adam enjoying a Birthday Freddo with his new Star Wars Mug

Emotional Eating

Adam didn’t feel guilty, and rightly so because it was his birthday, but we spoke a lot this week about emotional eating; something he didn’t realise he had. He said that in the evening he looked forward to coming home and having a takeaway or something unhealthy because he liked it and making these changes recently is something he’s struggled with. Even though we’ve tried to make tasty foods and mimic some of the things we used to have, and even though Slimming World doesn’t restrict any food groups, cutting down from what you are used to can really lead to you feeling sad. What really scared me this week was how I can see why young girls or even older women turn to bulemia and eating disorders. The guilt and shame I felt after binging out and overeating, I never want to feel like that again.

Slimspiration and Goals

The reason I want to lose weight, well, there are a few, is because I would like to get married, I would really love to have another baby and have a bigger family with Adam, but I don’t want to do that overweight. I want my body to be stronger to cope with pregnancy and the very realistic chance of having a second c-section. I know if my body was healthier, my recovery would be better no matter how I give birth. I also want to lose weight because I already have a six year old that I can’t keep up with. I don’t want her to be ashamed and disgusted by her big fat mum. I want to be healthier and stronger for me because I have been fat for over half of my life now and that just makes me really sad. It also makes me feel really angry with myself for giving up too soon, for not trying hard enough, for not taking it seriously. I don’t just want to lose weight, I want to be a healthier, stronger and fitter person. I also want to do it for Adam, because he is taking care of himself too. I don’t want to let the team down. That’s a lot of pressure though isn’t it?

Slimming World Success Stories

Adam’s sister gave us some Slimming World recipe books and magazines so we can get a bit more meal planning done. There’s only so much on the website – because they want you to buy the recipe books. The one I really wanted was the fakeaways book so I’m glad I’ve got that now to make some tasty dishes. She lost a lot of weight whilst travelling and has really worked hard keeping the weight off and losing her last stone. She looks fantastic and we’re both really proud of her for getting so close to her target. It’s inspirational to see someone you know that has made the same changes you are making and how far they’ve come.

Weighing In

So the weigh in was on Friday and I was paranoid I’d gained all the weight back on but I hadn’t. In fact, I‘d lost 4lbs so that brings my total up to 12lbs now. I’m determined to get another 2lbs off this week to get my first stone. Adam has also done really well losing another 2lbs, bringing his total to 5lbs. He has pulled his back out so he hasn’t been working out as much as he was but he’s still done really well. After our Friday night Fat Club we went for a walk up to a local hill fort which is basically a load of hills. We then headed to Tesco for some muller lights and I was kindly bought this fabulous meal planner from our friends who are doing it with us and joining in on Fat Club Friday. They did so well this week too, losing 3lbs each. As a group we have collectively lost 3s2lbs which is pretty amazing to be honest.

So what have we eaten beside the blowout food?

Our meal plan kind of went out the window to be honest. We’ve had a lot of salads. I loved the prawn cocktail salad we had on Adam’s birthday, that was really tasty. We’ve not had much bread this week but have been having Ryvita as our Healthy Extra B’s with salad for a bit of crunch.

Slimming World Lunch

Adam’s had a Chicken Tikka curry, one of the ready meals Slimming World do in Iceland. He really enjoyed that one. I’ve made my own Syn Free version of chicken noodle soup which has been very tasty.

Slimming World Syn Free Soup

We also tried the potato salad and tuna pasta salad from Iceland. I wasn’t keen on the tuna pasta one but the potato salad was actually quite nice and is something I would have again. I bought some choc shot as that’s only 1/2 syn per teaspoon and is really nice to use with breakfast, on yoghurts and sometimes in coffee for a mocha.

This Week’s Meal Plan

We are trying to get back on top of our weekly food shop. This week we spend £32 in Iceland and £16 in Sainsburys. £48 is quite a lot above my target of £35 a week so I really need to get that back under control. I’ll be working harder to get that done next week and making good use of what we already have in the fridge and freezer.

Slimming World Meal Plan



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