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Fat Club Fridays – Back with Slimming World

Slimming World and Friday Night Dinner Club

I first joined Slimming World almost three years ago and did pretty well losing two stone in about six weeks or so. It all kind of fell apart though because I was doing it online and solo. I didn’t meal plan and I got really bored of having the same food all the time. This time around we’re doing things a little differently though. Firstly, Adam is doing it with me at home so that means I’ve got the support at home, which means no constant takeaways because we don’t feel like cooking. We’ve also got two friends doing it with us too and that’s created Fat Club Fridays.

With Slimming World you can log in online to record everything and get access to all the meals or you can go to a weekly weigh in group. I don’t really have time for that in the evenings with Evie and Adam working late so instead we are doing it online and have created our Friday night dinner club and weigh in with our friends. Every Friday we are going to weigh in, one the same scales at the same time in the evening before cooking a delicious Slimming World friendly meal and low syn dessert. We’re going to work on a meal plan and shopping list together and get cracking on the next week.

How Did we Join Slimming World?

We opted for the gold plan. We’ve probably been a bit cheeky and only used one account to actually sign up to it but to be honest, £80 is quite a lot. Instead we each paid £20 towards the gold plan which allows us three months access, a years worth of magazines and the food optimising books. If we continue with it, the price will be £20 a month, or £5 a month each as we will continue to just use one account. I’ve created a spreadsheet for us all to log our weight, losses and goals which helps us to keep track. We update this every Friday which is going to be our Weigh Day. Strategically placed so we can enjoy the weekend but still have the whole week to really push ourselves.

Why Slimming World?

Because I’m fat. This isn’t a ‘feel sorry for me’ statement. You really don’t need to say “Aww, you’re not fat.” I am fat. Like, 60% of my body weight is fat. I totally know that and I don’t say it to be like oh feel sorry for me and all the food I’ve consumed. I am fat, I’m not happy with it. I’ve never been happy with it and I don’t have any excuses. I’m fat because I bloody love food and I hate moving anywhere. I hate walking, it’s really boring. I can’t just go out for a walk. I’m opting for yoga and my Slim in Six DVD which I actually don’t mind. Alongside the walk to school four days a week which is an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.

I’m doing Slimming World because it’s not a lot of effort with calorie counting and there isn’t all that much measuring to do. I’m doing Slimming World because the ready meals and soups are big portions in Iceland. I’m doing it because I had success before and I know I can have it again. I’m doing Slimming World because I don’t want to look like this anymore.

This is me now…

Joining Slimming World To Lose Weight, Slimming World Before PictureNothing about this photo makes me happy. I can’t take a photo of myself in my wardrobe mirror because I can’t quite fit. I had to take this in the cinema bathroom. So this is me at the start of my Slimming World journey. I am well over 19 stone. I’m going to have to come to terms with I will have loose skin. I’m going to work bloody hard to get rid of the fat that’s in it right now.

Our Slimming World Support Group

When it comes to weight loss having support is so important and doing it as a couple and with friends has made the first week so easy for us all. It was so easy that this week each of us had a loss in weight and considering we’d only properly been at it for around four days. We had our first weigh in on Easter Sunday but we didn’t actually start our meal plan until Tuesday, giving us a day to go and get shopping.

Fridays are the best day for all of us to weigh in and create something tasty as Adam is off work and it gives us something to look forward to together. As a group, we collectively lost 1st8lbs on our first weigh in, with 6lbs of that being my own loss. I’m really amazed that I lost something in just a few days and it’s given me the motivation to keep going.

For extra support we’ve set up a WhatsApp group to chat, rant, laugh and share food pictures to keep us all motivated and hold us accountable for what we’re doing. I would be so embarrassed to have to share how I’ve let myself down in the group. It’s great if we’re feeling a bit low and just want rubbish because we can remind each other how far we’ve come and how well we’ve done.

Slimming World Food: Week 1

So what did we eat? Well, plenty to be honest! I made the most of it being half term and got us having lots of yummy meals. We’ve cut down on fizzy drinks, coffee and naughty snacks opting for three tasty meals a day and snacking on fruit. We’ve allocated our syns pretty well too. For breakfast we’ve had bran flakes as a healthy extra B, fruit and using milk from our healthy extra A. I’ve been using almond milk as you get a bit more in your allowance.

Slimming World Quick and Easy Breakfast

2 x Weetabix as a healthy extra, almond milk from healthy extra a allowance topped with banana and a spoon of sweetener

We’ve had fruit salads, bacon sandwiches, spaghetti on toast (I don’t recommend the spaghetti from Aldi…just saying) a tasty English breakfast making use of our grill and Weetabix. It’s been pretty varied to be honest.

Slimming World Grilled Breakfast

Slimming World english breakfast with poached eggs, cherry tomatoes, grilled mushrooms and grilled lean bacon with no fat

For our lunches we’ve had a lot of salad. I think my favourite was a tasty ham and cheese toastie using my two healthy extras for the day. It was nice to have a sandwich and not feel guilty for it. We’ve been using the smaller wholemeal loaves and with some salad on the side and a fat free yoghurt after it’s been a very satisfying lunch. Dinners have been very yummy too which a big bowl of chilli, steak and potatoes, home made chicken kiev and our first Friday night dinner of Paprika pork.

Slimming World Lunch Salad

Tuna with fat free yoghurt, sweetcorn and spring onions, salad and hard boiled eggs

I made a tasty rhubarb crumble and chocolate orange ‘cream’ to go with it. It was really simple and 6 syns well spent using some grounded down ginger nuts for the crumble topping.

How have I found it?

Honestly, I’ve found it pretty good to be honest. Yes there are Easter eggs lying around the house still, however the true chocolate fiend in the house is Adam. We’ve still had some though, with the vanilla and chocolate muller lights, a Freddo (5 syns) but I haven’t felt like I’ve missed out. My downfall is savory foods, I love crisps but haven’t felt the need to buy any or indulge. If I do get a craving I’ll either make some myself, have a couple of savory rice cakes or a bag of Sqaures which are relatively low syns anyway.

I’ve been drinking a lot more water and as a result I’ve had a lot more energy. This is probably combined with the whole grains. Usually by about 1pm I am so tired and about to crash but I haven’t found that at all this week. I’ve also been able to stay awake later in the evenings which has been really productive. The only meal I didn’t enjoy was the steak and potatoes. I used carrots – a veg I really don’t like cooked and there was just no sauce with it. I struggle with dry foods so this just wasn’t very enjoyable for me.

Meal Planning

This weeks meal plan is completely Slimming World friendly with recipes found in April 2017 magazine and products from our shop last week. It’s a friend and Adam’s birthday so we are celebrating together with a meal at a local Thai restaurant. I’m not going to feel guilty thanks to flexible syns and will be enjoying less throughout the week to compensate. However the meal plan I’ve created is really varied, filling and still includes room for a treat or two.

Breakfast – 2 (HEB) Weetabix with Banana and Almond Milk (HEA)
Lunch –  Slimming World Soup from Iceland
Dinner – Fish, SW Chips, tomato and spinach

Breakfast – Smoked salmon, poached egg and asparagus on toast (HEB)
Lunch – Paella rice salad with prawns
Dinner – Spaghetti and Meatballs with cheese (HEA)

Breakfast – Bran flakes and berries (HEB)
Lunch – Ham toastie and Salad
Dinner – Cheese and Bacon Burger

Breakfast – Ham, Cheese (HEA) and Mushroom Omellete
Lunch – Veggie pasta salad
Dinner – Tuna jacket potato with spring onion, cucumber and sweetcorn

Breakfast – Weetabix (HEB) and banana
Lunch – Slimming World Soup
Dinner – Cherry Cola Chicken with herby mash, white chocolate mint mousse

Brunch – Grill up
Birthday Meal for Adam

Breakfast – Fruit salad
Lunch – Chicken salad
Dinner – Pesto lamb stew


  1. Sounds like you’re doing really well. Losing weight is hard and the big thing is changing the habits forever. Best of luck and I look forward to reading about how you are doing x

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