Gourmet Burger Kitchen – Basingstoke 

Over the weekend we wanted to try somewhere new rather than our usual eats so we decided to try Gourmet Burger Kitchen which is situated at the end of Festival Place shopping centre, close to the cinema, in Basingstoke. 

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is a burger place, that’s all it does, obviously but that’s what we both fancied and after checking out the menu online decided it was affordable and would end our shopping trip nicely. 

Each burger averages between £9-£12 and there’s a large choice including a current special which is the Christmas inspired Bah Hamburger. They have a shake of the day too which just said Christmas shake as well as a variety of soft drinks. Cokes are available in the small glass bottles or you can get a fresh and fizzy drink which includes free refills. This helps it become quite cost effective for families however the flavours might not be to everyone’s taste as they are Elderflower, ginger and lemongrass and strawberry and elderflower. These are mixed with soda water or sparkling water and lime, lemon and mint added as a garnish. We went for the ginger and lemongrass which was very refreshing.  Table water is free and recommended if you’re budgeting.

When you arrive you are shown to a table and handed a menu then asked to order and pay at the bar. This makes for very quick service as our starters were out in minutes. We went for mixed olives and chilli chicken bites which were really tasty. 

Because it’s not table service the food just comes when it’s ready so we were quite done with our olives when the burgers turned up. That wasn’t a problem but the tables were very small and there wasn’t much room. I chose the Salvador burger which was pork and chorizo with avocado and it was really tasty. It was served in a brioche bun which I think makes a huge difference to the taste as its a lot softer than a sesame bun.  

 Adam had the GBK Cheese and bacon burger which looked great! We shared a portion of sweet potato fries and the portion was quite generous which was good. We also added two sauces for £2; the green goddess dressing and smoked chilli Mayo. Baconaise came with the fries.  

Pros – 

Really tasty food, great menu selection, reasonable value for money, free refills on selected drinks. 

Cons – 

Ordering at the bar is close to the entrance so can get very crowded, tables were wobbly and some menus weren’t very clean. Some staff didn’t really know what they were doing. 

Overall we had a good meal at gourmet burger kitchen in Basingstoke but I don’t feel like I need to go again. Other places do decent burgers just as well as here and usually for a slightly lower price. 

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