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I love food and I love getting creative with it especially when I’m trying to be my healthiest self. When you’re looking to eat healthier or eat clean it is easy to get stuck in to the habit of cooking the same meals all the time. I also think SALAD when I think about eating healthy and clean foods but salad itself can sound so boring! There are some really easy ways to get extra vitamins, minerals and make salad fun. Especially if you’re feeding a family. Clean eating is the absolute best way to go however sometimes it can be quite expensive, the key thing is to try and avoid processed foods as much as possible if you can’t cut them out entirely.

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Try adding some onions into your salad for a bit of bite. Try a different dressing! I love the MSK OMG Balsamic (Orange, Mango & Guava) as it’s delicious, fruity and has a real tang to it. A balsamic like this can really help to liven up a salad. I had mine with ham, rice cakes, grapes, spinach leaves and homemade guacamole. Avocado is one of my favourite foods and to make my guacamole I use 1 green or red chilli, one tomato, one ripe and ready avocado and one clove of garlic. Simply blend until you get your desired consistency. Chilli also helps to speed up the metabolism so is a great food for losing weight and it gives the guacamole a real kick.

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I love chicken wraps and I don’t have to give them up when I’m trying to eat healthy food. I simply add a few more things to them to make them even more delicious. I make my guacamole and add different coloured peppers, spinach and tomatoes into the mix. It’s even better if you can use wholemeal wraps and rice to really fill them out. Also, just because you’re eating clean, doesn’t mean you have to give up things like cheese, just look for healthier, cleaner ones or even better go fully mature, that way you only need a little to get the strong cheese taste.

chilli and rice with stuffed mushroom, tasty food, clean eating recipesAnother firm favourite is chilli con carne with extra lean beef mince, kidney beans, chopped tomatoes, garlic and rice. I’ve also had a side of stuffed portobello mushroom with grilled haloumi on top and a drizzle of basil oil. Really filling and perfect comfort food.

What is your favourite clean eating recipe?

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