buying american sweets in the uk

Buying American Sweets in the UK

A Little History and Products Available

Heavenly Sweets first opened at a different site tucked away from the high street in May 2010. Earlier this year it moved over to a larger store, a little easier to find, and a little easier to move around in. It wasn’t until the move that I actually got to visit the store and was incredibly pleased with what I found.Sweets
They have hundreds of delicious sweets to chose from and you really won’t be disappointed by the amount of choice. They have a great selection of regular, traditional jars of sweets including liquorise allsorts, fruit salad chews, Wine Gums, sherbert crystals, bonbons, Turkish Delight, sugared almonds, rum balls and so much more. There are also a selection of American Sweets like Kool Aid, Hot Tamales, Million Dollar Bars, Wonka Sweets, Tootsie Rolls, Pixy Stix and M&M’s – (more flavours than in the usual stores like Mint, Almond and Coconut). As well as all this there are a selection of Pick ‘n’ Mix to chose from.

Today I purchased a couple of drinks I hadn’t actually tried before which included Dr Pepper Cherry and Grape Fanta. I also saw Vanilla Coke Zero, Welchs Grape Juice (sparkling) Cream Soda and Root Beer. They also had a selection of Jelly Belly Bean Drinks although I didn’t get a good look at the flavours available. In store you can also get a choice of Soda Floats where you can chose any fizzy drink and they will add the ice cream to make it into an American Style float drink. I’ve not had one from here before although have had in other stores and look forward to trying one at the weekend. It’s great to see this in a store as the only places I have seen these in previously are restaurants however Heavenly Sweets have a great deal more flavours.

My Purchases

My very first purchase was a jar of pick and mix for my boyfriend’s birthday bag. You basically pick up a jar and fill it for a fiver. There are three sizes available for £10 and £15. These are for anything except the American candy however there is so much choice you won’t be disappointed. I found that you could get a lot of sweets in these jars depending what you chose. Obviously the smaller sweets fit more in but I feel you can get a great choice of sweets in these jars. I have since gone back and tried a few of the American candies and some sweets we were very fond of as children including the Hubba Bubba bubblegums and Wonka Nerds of which there are a good selection of flavours to chose from. It’s really great being able to find these sweets without paying an absolute fortune for them to bring back some nostalgic memories.

The Store

The store always looks clean and tidy and is well laid out with displays of all kinds of sweets. Drinks are kept in a cooler at the side of the counter. The jar sweets are kept in a tight seal jar so they stay fresh. To collect sweets there are scoopers so that you don’t have to put your hands inside. The staff always say hello when you walk in the door however the shop can get incredibly crowded. It is easily accessibly for pushchairs however wheelchair users may find the door a little small. On every occasion I have found the staff friendly and happy to help with any enquirers. As you can imagine the store smells quite sweetly although given it is a sweet shop it is not a bad thing.

My daughter loves all the different colours and recognises the store from the bold sweet wrapper front. It gets her quite excited each time we walk past as she has a fondness for Jelly Beans.

The store also have a loyalty card which enables customers a stamp every £5 and after 8 stamps have been collected you can exchange the card for a £5 jar of sweets.

Overall Impression and Opinion

I really love this shop and I am so glad we have one in our home town so that we can drop in for some sweets from our childhood. I also like that I can share some of these sweets with my daughter as she grows up as I wouldn’t want her to miss out. I love that they have a great choice of sweets and options for gifts. They also do retro and american sweet hampers in a really cool suitcase style tin/box which can be reused. I think having the jars are great as they can be used over and over. Some of the sweets can be quite expensive but to be honest I think it is worth it considering there aren’t enough sweet shops like this anymore. They also sell Lucky Charms which are increasingly hard to get hold off and a cereal I loved as a child. Many sweets can be purchased for under £1 too so it’s great for a little treat.

For those that aren’t local to Andover they do have an Online Shop on their website at and have very reasonable delivery charges. Or you can ‘Like’ them on Facebook for the chance to win a selection of sweets every Sunday.

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