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Mini Kat’s Top Ten Picnic Foods

Even though it’s getting colder now and the sunshine seems to be leaving us behind there’s no reason why a simple picnic can’t be on the cards! Whether it’s inside or out sometimes a picnic tea or lunch can change the routine a little bit and make meal times a little bit more fun! Especially if you have little ones. Mini Kat has a hot school dinner every day thanks to the free meals incentives here in England so she prefers colder snacks in the afternoon or evening. We love to pack up a little picnic basket and fill it with our favourite things, get comfy on our cushions and watch some television together. Here are Mini Kat’s top ten favourite picnic tea foods!

  1. Pringles. We love the sour cream and chive pringles especially and they are ideal picnic food as easy to share. Mini Kat says “They’re good for a picnic because they’re salty and because they look like crisps.”
  2. Ham and Cucumber sandwiches. Mini Kat says “Because the ham is a kind of meat and because cucumber is good for you.”
  3. Chocolate bars. I am a bit of a sucker for the round mint viscount biscuits. Mini Kat says “I like chocolate but not when it melts.”
  4. Bananas. Mini Kat says “Because they’re a fruit and they’re good for you but they don’t have seeds in so we can’t plant them. I like them because they’re a little bit juicy.”
  5. Popcorn. Another one that’s great to share and with plenty of healthy choices available this is an option that should suit most people. Mini Kat says “My favourite popcorn is toffee because it’s really sweet.”
  6. Crab sticks. Mini Kat says “I love eating crabs arms and legs for dinner! These are my favourite.” (I have tried to explain they’re not crab arms and legs but she doesn’t believe me.)
  7. Tomatoes. A great little thing for picnics are cherry tomatoes are they’re small, sweet and easy to eat. Mini Kat says “They have seeds and and are a type of fruit.”
  8. Sparkling Water. I personally prefer flavoured sparkling water, or just anything other than regular sparkling water. I love making homemade lemonade but Mini Kat loves plain sparkling water. Mini Kat says “Because it’s sparkling and tastes nice.”
  9. Olives. Yes, we like some interesting combinations of foods but we all really love olives. Mini Kat says “I like green olives best.”
  10. Pasta Salad. The main bulk of the picnic is a nice pasta salad, mostly enjoyed by the adults rather than Mini Kat who isn’t a fan of pasta. I love to mix it with lots of different coloured veg, tuna and mayonnaise.
  11. American Sweets are a big favourite in our house too. There are a great range around and add a nice sweet treat to a picnic.

What are your favourite picnic foods?

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