Crustless Quiche and Salad – It must be lunch time!

I feel like I really have to take the time to talk about a fantastic business with some really amazing, inspiring and truly tasty products. My Secret Kitchen is part of the Your Inspiration at Home brand which is an Australian business with the hopes of bringing natural ingredients with flavours from around the world into the home. I recently did a product swap with a consultant of this business and I am so in love with the products I can’t wait to buy more! Today I’ve used the Blood Orange, Mango and Guava balsamic vinegar as a dressing for my lunch. It smells absolutely divine and tastes fantastic, matched with an olive, feta and avocado salad it worked perfectly with the sweet balancing out the salty.

Blood Orange, Mango & Guava balsamic vinegar.
Blood Orange, Mango & Guava balsamic vinegar.

The balsamic comes in a glass bottle with a twist lid and has a sweet smell with that hint of tangy balsamic. It works perfectly with salads and savoury dressings. I’ve also used it whilst baking, topping chicken thighs and vegetables with a generous drizzle of this lovely vinegar to give a sweet flavour to savoury dishes. The balsamic is just a hint so this comes highly recommended that prefer a less intense flavour but want to brighten up their dishes with a bit of zing.

The vinegar is light in colour, more like an oil than the traditional dark tones of a regular balsamic reduction but have no fear, My Secret Kitchen offer tonnes of other fantastic products including a regular balsamic reduction and plenty of other tasty flavours for salads, drizzling over side dishes and even desserts. I am keen to purchase the Balsamic reduction next for balsamic strawberries because they just sound so delicious.

I served my lovely salad with a crustless, low-fat cheese and onion quiche! All home made of course.

Low fat no pastry cheese and onion Quiche
Low fat no pastry cheese and onion Quiche

I am really looking forward to getting stuck in with these tasty, natural products and creating dishes from around the world. So much so that I decided to become a consultant myself to make the most of a 25% wholesale discount and have the option of being able to make a little bit of a profit on recommending these products to you. I would love for you to take a look at the My Secret Kitchen shop here so that you can get a real feel for all the other absolutely amazing products on offer in the UK, Canada, USA and Austrailia.

crustless quiche, my secret kitchen

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