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Top Ten Places to Eat at Liverpool ONE

This is a collaborative post.

I love food and I love a good place to eat. In fact anytime I plan a day out shopping it pretty much revolves around lunch or dinner. We love visiting new cities and having weekend breaks away so I always like to do a bit of research in what’s around. We’re considering a break up in Liverpool which of course has lead me to compiling a list of places for us to choose from. There are some fantastic restaurants at Liverpool ONE and you can get the full run down at https://www.liverpool-one.com/directory/restaurants/

  • Nandos. This is just such a family friendly and easy place to eat. I’ve never had a bad meal at Nandos, I always know what I want to order and it’s just a quick and easy meal that fills us all up. I like bottomless drinks and I also like their choice of red wines. We always go for the yummy olives too, my favourite
    nandos in salisbury, spicy olives
  • Las Iguanas. I love this place, I’ve only been a couple of times but it’s so good. Perfect for a meal as a couple and fantastic range of cocktails.
  • Wagamamas. A place we all really love but don’t get to go to very often. I love a big bowl of ramen with a fresh juice. The food is cooked to order, the juices are super refreshing and they make things so easy for kids if you need to change things on and off the menu. The duck gyozas are a must have side dish.
  • Five Guys. A perfect stop for lunch or a snack for me. The cajun spiced chips are so delicious. They always warn me that one portion is big enough to share. Oh how I laugh when they say that.
  • Pizza Express. A big favourite for Evie and Adam. Evie loves the dough balls and garlic butter, Adam just loves pizza so it’s always a winner here. There’s always a voucher or discount code going or you can take advantage of Nectar card events and change your points for vouchers.
    pizza express andover
  • TGI Fridays. We just love it here, always an amazing atmosphere no matter where we go, amazing food, fantastic desserts and delicious cocktails. The scorpion hot sauce is absolutely scrummy and I love the choice of burgers. Adam always enjoys the boneless hot wings here and they have a great kids menu available too.
    Boneless Hot Wings TGI Fridays Bournemouth
  • Zizzi. Another tasty Italian option with tasty dishes. Perfect for a girls night out.
  • Ed’s Easy Diner is a family favourite with the sweet potato fries. The chilli is so tasty and service is always pretty quick,
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I love burgers, it’s my go to meal to have when we go out for dinner so having a place dedicated to burgers is just the best. I love the choices here, makes a really nice evening out with a loved one too.
  • Pizza Hut. We’re a family and again, Pizza and Adam always go together pretty well. Evie loves the ice cream factory and it’s a quick and easy family meal with plenty of pizza toppings to choose from.

So there are my top ten places to eat all of which you can find at Liverpool ONE centre.

Do you have a favourite place to eat? Have I missed anything from the list? 

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