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With the Easter Holidays drawing to a close for my daughter we’ve been trying to make the most of our time together. Yesterday I looked in her box of Easter Eggs and noticed the pile hadn’t really moved. Whilst my daughter is a fan of chocolate she doesn’t really eat all that much and she was very lucky to get a whole stack of Easter Eggs from family and friends this year so there was a fair few to go around. There are plenty of creative ways to use chocolate but our favourite is making Rice Krispy cakes. They are fairly quick, simple and easy to do especially when you’ve got a small person helping you. I also use hot water rather off the hob rather than cooking them as such just because it’s a little easier and safer for those small hands.

Firstly we had a lot of fun smashing up all the Easter eggs with a roll of cling film. I do have a rolling pin but where it is I am not sure. We put the chocolate into a sealed bag to prevent lots of mess and it worked quite well! This makes the chocolate melt a little quicker.

smashing up chocolate

We then put the chocolate pieces into a bowl. The bowl was in a large pan filled with just boiled water. You need to add enough so the bowl gets warm and the chocolate melts but not so much that it doesn’t spill everywhere. Using a metal bowl is usually recommended to melt the chocolate faster but we used a ceramic as it’s a little better for smaller hands.

easter egg recipes, chocolate baking

Now you don’t have to add anything to make them stick as they will set in the fridge, however, there are a few different things you can add. We used a little golden syrup and a little agave nectar. I don’t know why as it’s a sweetener but I’d not tried it before and wanted to. You could also melt down marshmallows and use that for stickiness. Adding things like chopped nuts is great too for anyone without a nut allergy obviously, gives great texture.

easter egg recipes, chocolate recipes

Then you simply stir in your choice of crunch. We had the cheap rice pops or whatever they’re called from Sainsburys. Cornflakes also work well and so does crushed up shredded wheat. Go with what ever you have cereal wise! I’m sure you can make some eggcellent creations! Once mixed in just pop into cake cases and set in the fridge.

What has been your favourite Easter Egg recipe?

making rice krispy cakes


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  1. Oh yum! My girls ate all their Easter eggs so I had no leftovers to use but Rice Krispy cakes are one of our fave things to make. 😀

    1. Mine just had a nibble of some lol but she loved the malteasers bunnys she got 🙂

  2. fairyqueen says:

    I love rice crispie cakes too! I know I’ve hidden some eggs somewhere when the boys had so many I thought they’d be ill. Ill find them and come back to your post:)

    mainy – myrealfairy

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