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14 Ways to Keep Warm on a Budget

How cold has it suddenly become this month? Talk about hello Winter! We have really been feeling it on the school run and at home so I thought I would share some of the things we do to keep warm and hopefully save a bit of money in the long term.

1. Love your layers! It’s the time for cardigans, jumpers, thick tights and leggings. Layering your clothes is great when out and about as well as inside. It’s easier and cheaper to grab a jumper than to whack up the heating.

2. Invest in fluffy. I love fluffy whether that be socks, clothes or blankets. All of us have our own stack of extra blankets that seem to wonder around the house with us. I also find having an extra blanket above the sheet in bed is really cosy. This year I got a set of fluffy pjs from Primark and matched with my fluffy pound land socks, new slippers and lovely dressing gown I can keep snug in the evenings.

3. You know those extra socks and hats and gloves you got as stocking fillers? Put them to good use! It will keep you warm out and about.

4. Focus on keeping the room you use most warm. We close the door to our living room and use a little electric heater which warms the room up nicely after about 20 minutes. Then we can switch it off and we are usually nice and snug for the rest of the evening. The kitchen gets warm quickly when cooking and if you have a kitchen/dining room, it will keep warm whilst you’re eating without using extra energy.

5. Make sure your house is insulated properly to retain as much energy as possible.

6. Thick curtains and winter duvets. They will help retain heat in a room and a nice cosy environment.

7. Go to people’s houses where energy bills aren’t a problem (well, they’re not you’re problem 😘) 

8. Have people over! More people means more body heat which is the cheapest form of energy. Plus you get some great company too – providing they’re people you like!

9. Snuggle the kids! I don’t know about you but my daughter is always extra warm, it makes those evening snuggles in the cold weather even better!

10. Slow cooking. Slow cookers use less energy than an oven despite the length of time they’re on and having a lovely hot stew or soup that you can keep going back to throughout the day will warm your hands and bellies. Plus you can make it really healthy so the calorie intake will be lower meaning you can stick to that new year new you.

11. Hot water bottles are a great thing to use to keep warm. Try putting a hot water bottle in bed half hour before going to sleep so that it’s nice and cosy when you’re ready to use it. The heat lasts even longer if you have a cover.

12. Find a hot drink you love and make a thermos of it in the morning, it will stop you having to leave your fluffy nest and keep nice and hot all day without having to constantly reboil the kettle, saving energy and water.

13. Exercise, whether that’s a brisk walk outside or an at home work out, that will keep you feeling a bit better in yourself and warm your body up too.

14. If all else fails come away from your nest and do some housework or declutter that cupboard you’ve been meaning to clear out. You’ll feel so much better (and warmer) when it’s done!

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    1. Author

      Oh glad you found these useful! As a student a slow cooker is a must! Cheap cuts of meat and veggies in a slow cooker can turn into something fab!

          1. Author

            Jamie Oliver epic hot chocolate recipe, can adjust the recipe to make it more seasonal, but it’s amazing. I use my secret kitchen chocolate powders with it rather than cocoa as they’re flavoured, love the mint choc one!

          2. Ah sounds amazing, thanks for all the tips! I’m a bit of a chocolate addict so will be trying that asap

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