What’s in My Fridge – #Blogtober16

Back again for blogtober! Did you see my handbag essentials post yesterday? Oh this picture would be much more exciting if it were tomorrow when our monthly shop comes…we keep all the food staples that families have in their fridge like fruit, veg, yoghurts, milk, butter and so on. I don’t really think there’s much different in ours than there would be elsewhere really but I’ll talk about a few of the things that we buy regularly.

Lemonade. Adam and I both enjoy fizzy drinks. We buy the cheapest value lemonade at about five bottles a time. I have used it to cook with, in warm drinks when I have a cold, mixed with squash and just as a drink on its own. Occassionally, Evie has some as we would rather she stayed away from things like Pepsi but never until she’s had her water. I drink a lot of water myself too but it’s nice to have something a bit different when we eat.

Soya/Coconut/Hazlenut milk. This is for milkshakes and because I really can not stand the taste of normal milk except in coffee. Even then I would prefer to use vanilla soya milk…vanilla soy lattes anyone?

Mozerella Balls. This is Evie’s favourite cheese, she will have it with pretty much any food.

Meat. We favour extra lean mince and chicken. Pretty much all of our meals are with chicken or mince. I love making homemade burgers and meatballs. We also love Chilli, Burritos, Fajitas…there’s a bit of a theme here isn’t there?

Spinach – No one else likes it but I add it to most of our meals anyway.

Root Vegetable Mash – Again, I really like this and as I’m the one that prepares, cooks and presents the food, I don’t really listen to what other people want.

Chocolate. Yeah I’m one of those people that keep chocolate in the fridge. It’s my mums fault for telling me it tastes better cold (it does). If I take some out to eat I can’t leave it out because it just doesn’t taste as good. I know you’re probably thinking that chocolate always tastes good but it tastes much better when it’s cold. My mum actually keeps her chocolate in the freezer. I like to do that with the Aero bubbles or Lindt Lindor truffles.

So there is some of our favourite food that we keep in our fridge!

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