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Last Minute Stocking Fillers

Hello and thank you for hopping over from Welsh Mum of One and welcome to the 7th day of #12DaysOfParenting. Today’s sponsor is Bertie Blue Crafts (Link: who are offering a magnetic photo frame for door and the theme is Mini gifts made simple. My keyword to enter today’s giveaway is in this post below, good luck! Full details of the #12DaysOfParenting terms and conditions can be found on the #12DaysOfParenting page (Link: ) and all entries are to be completed via the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.

I always have a lot of fun buying stocking fillers because I really enjoy rummaging through the gift sections and as Evie is getting older there are always lots of lovely things to include in her stocking. We put her stocking on the end of her bed and then Father Christmas fills it with gifts whilst she’s sleeping. If you want to take a look at a few more gift ideas then you can check out my Big Fat Christmas Gift Guide.

  1. A Terry’s Chocolate Orange – a bit of a spin on the traditional satsuma and a chocolate treat that everyone loves. You can usually get these in supermarkets for £1 or £2 depending on any offers. Chocolate is usually a good one to go for, I think, and something like this is a good enough size that it will (hopefully) last a few days!
  2. Magic Flannels – I used to love getting these when I was little. The type of flannels that are packed up in a shape and then when you put them in water they expand. I’ve found these in Superdrug and Wilko’s and there are always pretty cheap and feature lots of characters for children making them a good favourite.
  3. Squishem’s Eggs – Evie loves these, they are little eggs with a collectible character that’s super squishy. They’re the sort of thing Evie would choose to spend her pocket money on and feature characters like Disney Princess, Paw Patrol, and My Little Pony.
  4. Hatchimals Colleggtibles – Kids love things in eggs apparently, and the collectible mini versions of the Hatchimals collectibles are a great hit as they contain a super cute little animal inside and the surprise is always something that Evie loves.
  5. Colouring – A great product to include and help keep children entertained. Evie absolutely loves to draw and colour, she’s a big fan of the brand Smiggle who have so many cute and affordable items under £5 which feature scented pens and pencils.
  6. Children’s toiletries – I love Childs Farm products and they have lots of lovely minis for bubble baths which make great little stocking fillers. Evie also loves a bath bomb and the Disney branded bath confetti you can get. Child’s Farm products are, I think, a great choice because they have a yummy smelling range suitable for super sensitive skin.
  7. Itty Bittys – These are super cute, super soft plush toys from Hallmark that feature lots of amazing characters.
    Itty Bitty Advent Calendar fillers
  8. Hat, Scarf and Gloves sets – We are always losing gloves and hats so having a few extra pairs is never a bad idea. Evie has spotted some Unicorn hats in our local pound shop so these don’t have to be expensive.
  9. Fluffy Socks – Christmas socks are my absolute favourite and we always try and get them for each other. I love the feeling of putting on new fluffy warm socks on Christmas morning and it’s become a bit of a tradition for us.
  10. Hot Chocolate sachets – another little chocolate treat I know but there are lots of lovely little hot chocolate sachets and paired with a pack of mini marshmallows can make a lovely warming drink before bed Christmas night time and a chance to reflect upon the day spend with loved ones.
  11. Mini Diary – This is maybe one for older children but there are lots of lovely pocket diaries in place at a good price and a good way for children to start learning important dates, keep a note on friends birthdays too.

So there are my eleven ideas for mini gifts and last minute stocking fillers – I hope that helps and gives you a bit of inspiration!

Stocking Fillers Ideas For Less than £5

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