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Being an Active Family

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Are you an active family? As a mum that’s overweight I really feel like I need to sink that healthy, active lifestyle into my daughters brain and so we try and be an active family. I don’t want my daughter to grow up worrying about how she looks, guided by scales and peer pressure. I want her to understand good nutrition and an active lifestyle is fundamental to being healthy. I recently saw the #healthynotskinny on Instagram and that’s exactly what I want to strive for. My body shape shouldn’t matter to anyone, it’s how my body works that should matter. Carrying around excess fat is not good for me, it needs to go, but it’s more important that I show my daughter the pleasure in activity than the negativity in my figure.

It really saddens me reading about childhood obesity statistics but we live in a world of convenience. Dual working families with long working hours are common because we live expensive lives and lets be honest when you’re done in from a day at work, then picking the kids up cooking a healthy meal really feels like so much effort. We want the best for our kids but sometimes it’s tough. I was recently introduced to the NRS Healthcare Healthy Living Pack which is free and designed to help families get active together. Reading through this pack of information and ideas has shown me that we don’t need more hours in the day to lead a healthy lifestyle, we just need to work a little bit smarter.

I found the calorie burning chores really interesting and I love the star chart for children too. Not only are you teaching children to take pride in the home and work together, but also rewarding them for a very simple activity. The family bucket list is fantastic too and I think I might have to make my own up! I’ve recently got an activity tracker too which is monitoring my activity and sleep which is great as it challenges me daily to do better and focus on my health.

I recently read a really interesting article from The Telegraph about how children gain more from holidays than they do presents and I just completely agreed. I remember more about our holidays, day trips, family experiences than I do what toys I had as a child. Those fun holidays full of swimming, long walks, playing on the beach and seeing something new have stuck with me more than anything else and I want my daughter to have those memories too.

I’ve also realised that all our holidays have been really activity focused which I’m really proud of. We are very much a family who likes to experience new things, new places and new cultures rather than sit back and watch it go by. A trip to the Isle of Wight the three of us walked from one town to the next along the coast because it was beautiful. Our Disneyland Paris holiday was full of walking, swimming and exploring. We’re off to Cornwall this summer and looking at all the exciting things we can do which will require some activity from us all. But these experiences are worth so much more than too much alcohol or a pizza.

A few ideas to help you so that you can start a living a healthy lifestyle today with your family.

  1. Arrange a date each month for a family swim session at the local leisure centre
  2. Have a weekly family walk
  3. Dedicate two days of the week to cooking from scratch
  4. Have a dancing contest each week with the kids
  5. Try and fill your plate with lots of different colours, attempt to eat the rainbow – no, I don’t mean skittles!
  6. Get a good night sleep
  7. When on holiday, attempt to have two or three really active days. Honestly the activity refreshes you as much as the rest does
  8. Change a takeaway to a fakeaway and create it at home together. It will be healthier and a lot more fun
  9. Find an activity you will all enjoy together and challenge each other
  10. Be a good role model. Show the positivity in a healthy, active lifestyle.

Top tips to become more active, active family

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