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Do you have any #VicksTricks? #Ad

This post is for the #VicksTricks #Ad campaign with Britmums.

Last year I was not well and my family suffered too. We constantly had colds, coughs, infections, rashes and all sorts of things that actually really brought us down. After our amazing holiday to Disneyland Paris I suffered for six weeks with tonsillitis and for a good portion of that illness I lost my voice completely. Parenting when you’re feeling that unwell just isn’t fun. I suffered really badly at Christmas too and well into the new year with a chest infection.

VicksTricks, how vicks helps a cold, vicks hacks

Evie has had so many coughs and colds. She had a bout of slapped cheek and that virus really brought her down missing her nativity play. Adam too has suffered with colds, ear infections and bouts of insomnia. We both have suffered with the insomnia actually. I know a large part of this is because we need to be healthier and we are all making a more conscious effort this year however a few tricks up our sleeves would make that a lot easier.

VicksTricks, goodnight story, vicks first defence spray

We were sent a few little goodies to take part in the #VicksTricks campaign which included some finger puppets, a bedtime story, some Vicks first defense nasal spray to stop colds really holding and some videos on a USB. I think we would all agree when our kids are under the weather we would do anything to make them feel better.

Our #VicksTricks for beating a cold are:

  1. Slather the chest, throat and back with Vicks rapour rub.
  2. Constantly drink warm drinks.
  3. A hot bowl of spicy chicken noodle soup
  4. A snuggle with our favourite film
  5. Rubbing Vicks vapour rub on little feet before bed, covering with socks for an easier night sleep.
  6. Steaming up the bathroom and adding a little bit of vapour rub to hot water in the sink for congestion relief and inhaling.

VicksTricks Finger Puppets

What helps you and your children feel better? According to Vicks consumer research over half (52%) of parents said rest was the most important thing to help their children feel better. 40% of parents rely on medicine and a third of parents (36%) believe in the power of TLC. We like to make sofa nests in the living room, wrap up and enjoy a funny film together.


  1. Ahh! Over the last few weeks we have been through 2 tubs of Vicks….It is amazing stuff. It’s something I’ve used all through my life.

  2. Wow – you have had a lot of bad luck on the health front. Hoping your Spring is illness free! Loving the sound of that soup! Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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