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Healthy Happy Living

I am on a mission to get healthy, get happy and live well. I know I keep banging on about it but I’m really excited about my holiday to Norway in August so I have a real goal for wanting to feel and look good. It’s just me and Adam going, whilst Mini Kat is away with her dad and grandparents so it’s going to be just us adults…our first week away abroad. We did our first cruise and first trip abroad for our anniversary last November and it was absolutely amazing. Adam’s favourite trip was almost two years ago now when we went up to Edinburgh for his birthday.

We want to travel more and already thinking about two trips to Cornwall and New York next year and I would rather spend my hard earned money on experiences and holidays than weekly takeaways. I want to see the world and I want to look good whilst I do it!healthy living, happy healthy life

I also had a conversation recently with a very close friend about our relationships with food and how I can either have a healthy body or extra portions. What did I want more? I want a healthy body so much more than I want more food and I need to find the balance, stick to it and make it work. I’ve started so many weight loss journey type posts in the past and I give up far too easily because I’m tempted by a Chinese or I overeat because the food looks so damn good. I don’t snack on sweets and chocolate that much, I am happy to not have those things but what I really need to work on is my portions and making a few healthier choices.healthy living

One thing that’s important is drinking plenty of water. I don’t know about you but thanks to age, pregnancy and a c-section my bladder is just not that great anymore and I can’t hold fluids for a great length of time. Tricky in the morning when it’s recommended you wake up to some water to flush the system and rehydrate the body as well as waking up those organs. However, I have to do the school run, which takes me an hour, with no toilets on the way and the not wishing of peeing on the side of the road has lead to me getting up at 6am to have my shake, coffee and water before 7am, so I can spend the next hour back and forth from the loo!healthy living, 10k a day

I’ve also started using My Fitness Pal and if you want to follow my journey over there or connect with me you’ll find me as Kat Candyfloss.  I think this is a great App especially as it connects with the iPhone health app. With the addition of my weight, speed and steps I walk it gives me a rough idea of how many calories I’ve burned and then adds them back on to my daily calorie allowance. I’ve set myself a goal of losing 1.5lbs a week until I reach my goal weight or a weight I feel comfortable with when I get there. This is easy to achieve, I think, and doesn’t sound as scary as…ten stone…*gulp* My daily calorie allowance is still 1600+ and I was wanting the figure to be around that anyway. There’s a lot of things you can have for 1600 calories a day…especially when I can still have a coffee in the morning!

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Challenge Accepted.

I’ve tried so many cleanses, diets, detoxes, slimming world and I’ve loved the healthy feeling I’ve had from them and the increase of energy I just need to stick to the lifestyle change that is being healthy and living well…and I just want the complete control over what I’m doing and eating. Having a handy app like this is really helpful especially as it helps me track how much water I’m having too.

So as of today my weight is 19stone (approx – don’t have scales, need to get that sorted)

I think most importantly I just want to feel and look good! Is that too much to ask?

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Are you trying to change your eating or health habits? What works well for you?

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  1. I definitely find that drinking plenty of water curbs any cravings and never knew until recently that hunger pangs can be a sign of dehydration! It’s not really connected to eating but yoga really helps to tone me up 🙂 #abrandnewday

  2. Well done, I Have tried dieting twice and it’s not something that works for me! I love food too much. I opt to do exercise over diets, and I’m no gym bunny either! I just like to get out and go for a walk or try a run or cycle. The only thing I do try with food is to watch my portion size and make sure I’ve always got fruit and veg involved. Seems to work for me. I hope everything goes well to get to your holiday goal, traveling is so good! Thanks for linking with #abrandnewday. ..

    1. Author

      Thank you, no I know what you mean, now I’m mostly just making better choices and keeping a track of my calories and just walking and swimming more. I will get there 😀

  3. Oh God, it’s just so hard though, isn’t it? You’re definitely doing well to even try but I find every change is so hard to stick to! We’ll get there in the end.


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