Running Tips for Absolute Beginners

I recently wrote a bucket list style 30 things before 30 and one of the things I really want to do this year is focus on my health, wellbeing and weight loss. There are so many reasons why I want to do this. I want to try and have another baby, I want more self-confidence and I want to be more of a role model for my daughter. Included in that list was completing the Couch to 5K challenge. I’m expecting this to take a good few months because I am an absolute beginner when it comes to running. I’m already overweight so I plan on taking it pretty slow, I want to enjoy the challenge and most of all I don’t want to cause myself any injury. As running is totally new to me I wanted to ask some Blogging friends for their top tips when it comes to running so that I can be totally prepared for the challenge. I think you’ll agree there are lots of great running tips here that will be super helpful for beginners.

running tips for absolute beginners

Have a source of music on you. It can be an absolute bore otherwise – Victoria

Join a local running group for beginners – we have a fab one in the North East called These Girls Can Run – a group of women who are all just starting out. It’s great to have the support of others and know you’re not alone  – Samantha

A very, very, VERY good bra 😉 Erica –

Make sure you warm up and warm down after every run. Otherwise you can put a real strain on your joints. Paul –

I had never run a step before in my life, except when trying not to get caught bunking off games! – Louise – Louise has written her experience of Couch to Half Marathon in seven months.  I TOTALLY feel this! I’m not in the least bit sporty, have never ran, but  I too want to feel like I’ve accomplished something and know I’ll feel better for trying.

Jeffing – a guy called Jeff Galloway advocates a walk-run-walk method and it’s fab, there’s even an app to help you to your first 5k. Lisa –

Following on from the bra, if you want to run, invest in some decent trainers. Not all are designed for running and some are not even designed to go outdoors (who knew!) Sinead –  

The Couch25K app is amazing. Also try not to think about it too much or you might end up making excuses not to go. If you really don’t feel like going, promise yourself to go out just for 5 minutes and see how you go. Try to focus on the feeling you get after you have done your run! Clare –

There’s nothing wrong with starting by running up and down your garden path! I did this for the first week of the couch to 5km program as I was so shy. The other important thing is a good pocket for your phone so it doesn’t get dropped. I bought a velcro arm strap (you could add an amazon link for one). I blogged my running early days here Janet Falcondale Life

Don’t try to sprint! Take it steady and build it up. It might be easier to run for a minute, then walk for a minute. You’ll find you quickly build up to running for longer periods after a few sessions. Use music with a good beat and enjoy! Https://

I agree with the couch to 5k program. I did it with the NHS podcasts and it was amazing! Also, book a race. A few months after I started running my friend entered us for a 10k. I had 6 months to train. I was incredibly slow, but I did it and it was amazing! Oh and, keep going. There will be bad runs, that first week of couch to 5k I thought I was going to die. And even now, I can run a 10k one week, then struggle to do 2 randomly for no apparent reason the next. Don’t let it get you down, just call it a bad day and forget about it.

Set a minimum time limit that you have to be out of the house for. For example, my minimum used to be 10 minutes, as long as I got up and out for 10 minutes, I considered it a win. It’s manageable and you’ll usually get into it and stay out longer! And if not you still achieved something over nothing. Mummy Tool Box

It doesn’t matter how slow you go. The fact that you’re doing it is enough. Speed comes with time and above all things – deep, slow breathing. Keep that oxygen incoming!

Always run when well hydrated and avoid running outside during the hottest time of day or when temperatures are below freezing. The treadmill is an option when the weather isn’t cooperative.

Get a running buddy and enjoy a long cool down walk and a chat after your run. It gives you something to look forward to!

Take it at your own pace. Start with a walk and turn it into a brisk walk and then to a jog. Do as much as feels comfortable and then bring it back down to a walk again. Don’t over exert yourself, you need to build on it otherwise you will do an injury. It may take a few go’s of doing it like this until you feel happy enough to run the whole way. There are apps to help you to time this.

You don’t need expensive trainers but you do need ones that fit, check that they do so you don’t give yourself an injury.

Staying fit and healthy as a parent is really important to me and something I want to bring into family life. I love what Nadia from Scandimummy says here.

I used to run really early in the mornings as I was so embarrassed of my size and how unfit I was. It was one less thing to worry about bumping into people I knew

19 Running Tips for Absolute Beginners

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