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Starting Again with Shake That Weight

Getting healthy and losing weight has been such a massive struggle for me and over the summer since returning from our holiday I just haven’t been able to get back into it. As a result I’ve lost energy and put fat on, not good. I’m giving myself a bit of a boost and getting back on track with Shake That Weight who very kindly sent me four weeks worth of products to try and help me on that healthy path again.

Ordering your products from Shake That Weight is pretty simple. You can create an account and upload your weight or you can just select a few details from the drop down menu. You can get a plan that works for you by adding your weight, height and how active you are or what exercise you will be doing on plan. You are then provided with a plan to follow. You can automatically select the products for the plan advised or you can order whatever you like. The plan recommended was for three Shake That Weight products and one home cooked balanced meal per day with a calorie restriction. I could choose 84 products to fit this plan. I did have a look at the auto selection plan which is great but I wanted a bit more variety in my shakes and soups.

The products are usually delivered the next working day with DPD so this is great if you need the products soon and just want to crack on with it. I was amazed by the huge box that arrived on my doorstep full of nutritionally balanced products to help me get started. I had a great range of shakes, soups, noodles, snacks, chocolate protein bars and microwave meals. The choice Shake That Weight offer is absolutely fantastic and there are so many flavours. I’ve got chocolate, strawberry, gingerbread, banana, and caramel shakes to name just a few. I think it’s great that the company have so much on offer and it really does provide an excellent meal replacement which is at a really competitive price. This would usually be just under £100 for a four week supply and I think that’s really good value considering it’s providing you with three meals. Obviously, it does mean you’ll still need to shop for the family still but these kinds of plans usually incur some kind of extra cost whether it’s a subscription fee, weekly weigh in payment or other meal replacement.

I’ve tried a couple of the products so far and I’m pretty impressed with the flavours and quality. I really like the Lively Latte shake in the morning as I love my coffee. It’s ideal for me to have a shake for breakfast now the school run has come back into my life too as I struggle a lot with time. I’ll be sharing my progress again with Shake That Weight after two weeks of following the plan and using the products. I’m really looking forward to making healthy living a part of my life again and feeling good about myself with the progress I will make.

Shake That Weight Weightloss Plan Products

Disclaimer: I received the products in exchange for a blog feature, all opinions remain my own.

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