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With a Very Merry Sickness…

No one wants a Christmas Sickness! But Evie has slap cheek. Slap cheek is basically a virus that is really contagious (everyone at school has had it) and some can come up in a bit of a rash. It’s pretty common amongst kids and spreads quickly at school but doesn’t tend to make children particularly ill…except my child of course! Alongside looking like she’s been out in the cold too long and someone pinching her cheeks she has a really horrible chesty cough which is keeping her up at night (it’s always worse at night, isn’t it?) a rash on her chest and a bit of a temperature.

slap cheek virus, Sickness

She’s okay during the day really, a bit quieter and lacking in energy but the cough comes full force just before bed and whilst she’s trying to relax and sleep. Coughing up a lot of pretty gross congestion and having to repeatedly sit up whilst through the coughing fits and I can’t relax until I know she’s asleep because I am worried. I know she’s not seriously ill but the cough just sounds horrible and I know coughs can be so painful and stop you sleeping and frustrating and just hearing her sob into her pillow last night because she was tired but kept coughing herself awake…it’s just rubbish. It is rubbish when kids are poorly.

It’s even more rubbish when the cold tap in your bathroom is constantly leaking and your housing association still haven’t called you back to sort it out so you have to keep turning the water on and off because you’re on a water meter. And when you feel pretty crap yourself and just want a nice hot bath but it involves more hassle than usual. Adam is also sick with man flu (a cold) but his immunity since her had glandular fever two and a half years ago is just really poor now so every cold knocks him back.

festive treats to help beat the Sickness

We have spent a lot of money on various over the counter medications, juice and other crap to help us all feel a bit better. So we have watched films, I’ve worked as and when I can but I haven’t been nearly as productive as possible and today to cheer everyone up we thought we’d have a mince pie or two and put up our Christmas decorations. Being unwell is hard, but at least it’s just two weeks until Adam and Evie have some time off school and work. Hopefully our illnesses will have all passed before Christmas truly starts and it won’t stop us doing the fun, family, Christmas things we have planned.

christmas tree with Owl

Yes my flat is THAT SMALL the tree is on the table…

Has December got off to a good start to you?



  1. Oh poor Evie! I’m sorry she’s poorly. And poor you too – it’s no fun living with someone suffering from man flu . Fingers crossed they’re both fighting fit before Christmas – make sure you look after yourself too.

  2. Oh god being ill over christmas totally sucks, we have been there with the kids twice over in the past few years. We aren’t too well at the moment either. I so hope things improve ready for the big day x

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