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A Good Bed makes a Great Night Sleep

I’ve often talked about my sleep patterns on my blog and how sometimes I really struggle to relax. I’ve also provided tips on why having a good mattress is important as well as setting up a bed time routine that relaxes you. However, I’ve never really touched on why having a good bed can make a great night sleep. Obviously, it’s all part of the package isn’t it, a good, strong bed frame, amazing mattress that is supportive and comfortable as well as tips on how to actually fall and have a restful nights sleep. Having a decent bed can really make a difference to how the room looks. If you think your bedroom looks good, cosy and comfortable then you will naturally feel at ease when you’re getting into bed at night. So having a great looking bed can actually make the world of difference to the quality of sleep. I don’t know about you but being pregnant the smallest of details can really affect my mood and this includes being in a room that I can’t feel comfortable or relaxed in. I automatically feel on edge and restless.

We have a king size bed which actually takes up quite a lot of room in our bedroom as you can imagine, however, we are not small people at the moment, with me being pregnant and Adam being really tall. We need a bed that is going to provide us both with enough space. This, in a way, can limit to us to what kind of bed we can have as we also need one to fit into our family budget. Lionshome bring so many lovely products together that it makes it super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. The website is so easy to use! I feel like we could furnish all of our flat with quality products and within a budget we would be happy to pay using this site alone, they have thought of every fine detail for home furnishings and created a catalogue of collections to suit every taste. We would love to completely redecorate the flat but right now our two big home furnishings that we need to make is a new bed frame for our room and a new sofa for the living room. We’ve actually had our sofa’s since we moved in and they were second hand when we got them so it’s about time we got something new and much more comfortable to sit on.

Having a king size bed in a relatively small room can automatically feel cluttered, especially if it’s mismatched against other furniture, the style and decor of the room. We have purple walls and cream carpets so alongside our bed size we also want to keep our room within the current colour schemes. Looking at the great range of beds that Lionshome showcase it makes it so easy to find the sort of thing we want for our home. Ideally we are looking for a wooden frame with draw storage underneath. I’m not particularly a fan of Divan beds, particularly ones with wheels on and I like a nice sturdy head board so I can relax in the evenings reading or watching TV. Any site that can make it easy for me to pinpoint exactly what I want works well for me.

I know having a good bed paired with a great mattress is the key to having a fantastic night sleep and using my top tips to relax I feel I will continue to sleep quite well throughout this pregnancy and over the summer.

What are your top tips for a great night sleep?

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a great bed helps get a good night sleep

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