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Home Improvements During Pregnancy

Home Improvements

At the start of the month we realised we’d been living in our flat for five years. I really can’t believe how long we’ve been here and how different our lives our now. It’s really strange. When we first moved in Evie was almost three, Adam and I had met just seven months before and I was adjusting from life in a hostel. It is our first home as a family of three and we’ve had lots of memories here. That being said we’ve also gathered a lot of things here and it’s seen various changes in home decor! We haven’t redecorated since that first month when we moved in and were preparing everything although we have made a few subtle changes to the way the rooms are and there have been many, many weekends spend trying to declutter and get rid of things that we don’t use. You really do accumulate so much as a family over the years and when storage space is limited it’s important not to hoard onto things. I can’t believe this will be baby’s first home too and is just another exciting part of our time together here.

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I don’t know about you but pregnancy is really making me get stuff done and be productive, not just with my blog and business but with my life and home too. We are trying to make a few small simple changes and improvements to our home to make the remainder of pregnancy as smooth as possible and to ensure our home is completely ready for our new arrival. Maybe it’s a sort of nesting or maybe it’s feeling we have a bit of a time limit to finally take care of a few things to make sure we are ready. This weekend we have put in a lot of thought into improving our home which has included getting rid of a lot of stuff, decluttering and clearing out as well as moving furniture around. We’ve not yet done any big or major DIY work and I don’t think we will but we are continuing to make changes around the home.

Our bedroom, for example, could really benefit from some interior window shutters to help keep the air flowing through but customising how much natural light we are letting in now that there is so much glorious sunshine in the morning. I’d love to get some custom window shutters for our living room too. There are so many lovely window shutters to choose from, so many sizes to compliment windows and doors and colours for every type of decor. We have two sofas in our living room but one of our home improvements has been making our living room more functional and improving space. Moving the sofas away from the living room fake balcony doors has let in more light and allowed us to open the door. It will allow us to dry and air clothes rather than using the tumble dryer so much which of course is much more beneficial to our electricity bill.

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In our bedroom we have moved out a table I was using for makeup and other women things which was actually taking up so much space. I’ve condensed right down and cleared out lots of beauty and skincare products that I don’t like or won’t use. This is now in two small drawers and is much more functional, plus I have loads of space to get in and out of the wardrobe. For now, anyway, as the space has been cleared to make way for a cot for when Baby F makes his appearance.

There are lots of home improvements I’d like to make including repainting the bathroom. It’s currently two very bright colours and I’m not sure it works, I would like to create a much more relaxing and calming space. I’m thinking of getting a wooden changing unit for the bathroom too, as we have enough space, and this will be great storage for our cloth nappy and reusable wipes we are planning on using. Our kitchen could do with new flooring but it’s really not a priority before the baby is here. When it comes to clearing space there isn’t much we can really do but I do want to go through our cupboards and let go of anything we don’t use or have no need for. It’s so easy to build up clutter in the home over the years!

How would you like to improve your home?

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