The Right Way To Choose New Flooring For Your Home

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Choosing new flooring for a room in your home is a lot harder than you might think. You’ll be surprised at how many people go about it in the wrong way. So, to help you avoid installing flooring that doesn’t look great, I’ve provided advice on the right way to choose it.

Essentially, you’re looking at three main considerations when your floor needs replaced or renovated.


What Flooring Type?

Naturally, the first question is; what type of flooring are you installing? The answer varies depending on your personal tastes. I’m not going to tell you which is the best option, as there is no true answer to this question. However, I will suggest which types of flooring are good for certain rooms in your home, or certain interior design styles. For me, tiling or laminate flooring are both great in kitchens and bathrooms over anything else. Laminate or vinyl flooring is fantastic in living rooms, while more traditional wooden flooring is good in hallways. For bedrooms, I find carpet to be the best option for comfort reasons. It’s also very good in living areas too.


Beading Or Skirting Boards?

The flooring itself isn’t the only thing you’ll install. You also have to think about what goes around the edges of your room to cover up any gaps. Most people take the traditional route and install skirting boards. These cover the gap well and add extra protection to the bottom of the wall. However, they can be a little bit ugly and stand out a bit too much for some people’s liking. So, you have beading, which also fills the gap, is more aesthetically pleasing and modern, but doesn’t offer the same protection. It’s a fairly unknown thing, but there’s plenty of beading for laminate flooring advice out there if you want to learn a bit more. Here, your main choice is deciding which option is best for your floor. This depends on the type of flooring you’re installing. For me, beading is great with tiles and some vinyl floors, as well as laminate. While skirting boards are better suited to wooden floors as they work well together.



The final consideration is simply how the flooring will be installed. Or, more specifically, what about your existing flooring, how will that be removed? In some cases, your new flooring can simply be laid on top of your old flooring, making installation a lot easier. This is most often seen when tiles are involved. But, what if you have carpet and want laminate flooring? Here, you’ll have to rip up your carpet and install the new stuff. Think about how much work will go into the installation of your new flooring before you spend any money.

Consider these three things if you want to choose new flooring for your home the right way. It’ll help you find flooring that fits your rooms a lot better, and makes your home look absolutely gorgeous. You’ll be amazed at the effect a new floor can have on any room in your house – it completely transforms it.

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