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Stylish Prints & Frames with Desenio

Desenio specialise in posters, prints and picture frames for every room in the home. If you’re looking for ways to add extra style and colour to your home then Desenio is a perfect place to start. I managed to find a great range of gorgeous prints for the whole family and for each room in our flat. It’s added a little bit of colour and just transformed our walls.

Desenio prints can be hung up, stuck up with washi tape, placed in frames and styled exactly the way you want them to be. There is a huge range of gorgeous prints and frames to fit so that you can get exactly the right image for your home. I choose to style mine as creatively as possible with Washi tape as I live in renter accocomoration and currently I can’t hang things up on the wall. I wanted to get these up before I got too far along in my pregnancy and help just create a more homely environment.

Evie really wanted to select a poster for her room and choose this lovely Baby Giraffe picture which she proudly helped me to tape up on her wall. The quality of the paper is excellent and despite being rolled up when delivered there are no creases in the paper. The poster has a matte effect finish and is something that Evie looks on really fondly because giraffes are her favourite animal.

desenio giraffe poster

Baby Giraffe

I’ve wanted some form of artwork in the kitchen for quite a long time now and as Adam and I are both coffee lovers the coffee menu was really apt. I think it looks really stylish in the lovely white frame and just adds a bit more to our kitchen. It’s a great size for this kind of art work too and the size is ideal for the kitchen.

Coffee Menu

I wanted to give our bathroom a bit more of a tropical theme and looked for posters that made me think of far away places. First though we really need to re paint the bathroom walls and wait for them to try before adding our prints up. I love the palm leaf print in particular and I think these choices are really helping me to create a more spa like feel in our bathroom. We’ve got quite a big bathroom fortunately so getting something up on the walls to make them look just a little better was key for me.

Unwind, Palm Leaves Pattern and Ficus Exposure

Our bedroom is purple and I absolutely love owls so I couldn’t resist putting up this super cute owl print! Again I’ve used washi tape and styled the print on our wardrobe door because it was such a stark white in the room. Alongside my make up I’ve added this quote in this frame because I do quite like an inspirational quote from time to time.

Little Owl

Desenio really do have so many lovely prints that you can use all around the home with big posters to quotes and sayings. This can make it really personal to the family home and really help theme a room If thats what you’re looking to do. I loved looking through the inspiration section on the website to get a feel for the types of prints available and found this really helped me when making my choices.

I quite love quotes and as I’m planning a home birth I wanted a few quotes in the living room as well as some pictures that made me feel calm. The beach and the sea really bring me to a happy mental place and being able to look up at these on my living room wall make me feel happy as they’re the kind of places I would love to visit. Again this have been put up with washi tape. I would have liked to create a nice frame around the images with the tape but actually I’m quite happy with them like this!

Posters are Beach Umbrella, Standards High and Colourful Sky

I also work from home so I like to a quote to make me smile on my desk. I’ve decided to add this one into a frame to place on my desk, right next to my cup of coffee because that is the vibe I need on a Monday morning to get back into the swing of things!

May Your Coffee Be Strong Poster

If you like what I’ve pictured above you can take advantage of Desenio are offering 25% off posters from their website using the code “candyflossdreams” from 7th until 9th August. Please note this discount code is not valid on frames or collaboration/handpicked posters. The code “candyflossdreams” gives 25% off posters* on all of our sites between August 7th and 9th. 
*Except for frames and  handpicked-/collaboration posters.


Do you have any posters or prints in your home? How have you styled them?

Disclaimer: this post is in collaboration with Desenio and I received the prints pictured in exchange for this feature. All opinions remain my own.

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