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The Benefits of Artificial Grass in a Garden

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A few years back now my nan replaced part of her garden with artificial grass. I wasn’t sure why at the time but now I totally get why she had it changed. I love my nans garden, it’s huge with lots of beautiful flowers and veggies but it’s a lot of maintenance. Just changing the top part of the lawn to artificial grass has cut down a bit of a job! I think it’s something my mum would do in her garden and if I’m honest something I would happily do if I had a garden of my own.

artificial grass, fake grass, benefits of fake grass, home and style

I know in my garden I would like to have a nice, soft area for Evie to play. Having a lawn of artificial grass would mean she can get out there no matter the weather and play. We would also love to have a dog and having something easy to clean is ideal. Apparently, dogs love it because it’s nice and soft on their paws. Adding flowers and colour into the garden would be simple with the use of decorative plant pots or just having a smaller, dedicated area to growing things would make it nice and easy to maintain too.

One concern I would have would be the use of an inflatable pool on top of artificial grass for my daughter to play in over the summer holidays. The good thing about it is that there would be no risk of the grass going brown and dying, you wouldn’t be left with a big old patch of dead grass in the middle of the garden. However, extra prolonged weight can flatten artificial grass. This can be rectified simply by moving the pool around and having a quick brush to have the grass upright again.

I think having artificial grass would make it easy to landscape your garden too so you could have dedicated areas for play, growing things and being decorative. Having a garden is an absolute dream for us and something we will be looking to have when we eventually move home. I’ve mentioned a few of the benefits of having artificial grass in the home but here are a few more you might want to consider:

  1. You don’t have to mow that part of the lawn
  2. It doesn’t need watering saving water costs
  3. It looks nice all year round
  4. It’s easy to clean which is a must have if you have dogs and children
  5. No need for harmful pesticides
  6. Easy to maintain in rented properties

There are plenty of companies which will help make your decision easier for you and there are so many options available too. Laying it is simple and artificial grass is becoming an affordable option for those that want to minimise garden maintenance. As you can see above there are quite a few benefits to having artificial grass in your garden. Have you got artificial grass? Has it made maintaining your garden a quick and easy process?

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