Changing Your Garage To Your Home Office

How To Turn Your Garage Into Your Home Office

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I wish I had space in my home to create a real home office to work in. It would be great to have a separate space all set up for me so I could switch on and off a little more seamlessly from work mode. I’d love to transform a garage, shed or other outside building into an office for so many reasons. The main one being it would be just outside the usual chaos of the home so I would have to actually go there rather than just pulling my laptop or iPad onto my lap. I enjoy working at a desk, I feel more productive and I get a lot more done but I do feel creating that small seperation would be great for our home life. I do, after all, want the ultimate work, life, and travel balance so having that thin line between work and life would make the world of difference. If you are considering moving offices then you might want to take a look at the ultimate checklist for changing offices to help you along the way!

Garage Home Office

A garage would be a perfect place for a home office especially if you don’t use it to keep your car. If you did then a garden shed would be a really lovely alternative. Take a look at these prefabricated garages from Lidget Compton for some inspiration. It would need to have a window to let in some natural light and I’d have my desk sat nicely underneath. Good lighting is absolutely key I think because when I walk into my home office it could be early hours of the morning or late in the evening. I might not be able to rely on natural light as much.

As the nights get colder you will want to keep warm too. Personally, I think a small portable halogen heater can work wonders with heating up smaller spaces and it’s instant heat. This would be perfect for those cold mornings where a hot cup of coffee just isn’t going to cut it to warm you up. Speaking of coffee, I’d even consider having my own coffee machine out in my home office to save trips back and forth to the kitchen.

Garage Home Office

I’d want some decor in my garage-home-office too. Some decent shelving on the walls to host files and various notebooks, a few nice photos, perhaps from blogging events and conferences, would really make a difference and keep me in that frame of mind that I am here to work and this is what I do. I also quite like a motivational quote on a lovely big print to look at, hopefully, to fill me with inspiration. Keep in mind that outside spaces can get cold and damp, keep important documents in waterproof and air tight folders and boxes to protect everything.Garage Home Office

What would you want in a home office? Could you transform your garage into your new workplace? 

Things To Consider When Turning Your Garage or Shed into a Home Office

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