How Using Blue Revitalises Your Home In 2017

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We think of the colour blue for many different reasons: the colour of the sky, the way water shimmers at you, it’s even the metaphorical way to describe to others that we’re feeling sad. However, the use of both bright and warm blue hues in our homes is at the forefront of the design trend this year, so below are a few styles to include in your next home improvement scheme to bring out that true blue feeling.

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Loving Leather


We all know leather is super stylish, and offers an extra element of chic or refined furnishing depending on the style you go for. Buying something like a comfy blue chesterfield sofa is the chessmaster in this blue revolution. Upgrading to leather furniture is a great move during the summer. A lot of allergy sufferers will be in full sneeze swing at this time of year, so sitting on a material that doesn’t collect dust mites will be a great benefit for them.


Coating your living room in blue items such as cushions is a great way to incorporate bright colours as well as a relaxed feeling into your home. Similarly, decorating with darker lampshades can offer a cool haven away from the burning summer sun whilst your lights are both off and on.


Designer Denim


We tend to think of denim as a 2000s trend that a lot of people don’t wish to remember. It’s been making a comeback recently, and with good reason! Denim washes are a relaxed colour and won’t have a damaging impact to any open space in a room. They can often come in ‘misty’ shades which will add both a light and dark influence, and look good as a feature wall base. It’s a great way to welcome family and friends alike, and can add a personal touch to ceilings or floors with paint and rugs.


Denim is great for upholstering chairs to add a suede look to them. But if all out denim still makes you uncomfortable, the effect can often be faked as well.


The Cobalt Revolution


A lot of people love the colour blue; it goes well with so many other colours, and adds a modernistic turn to a space if paired with white. If you’re a fan of bolder colour statements, then using a shade such as cobalt is a great way to add life to a living room. It can also bring in a touch of the exterior, with many of us seeing oceans and rivers when we look at it.


Cobalt blue also works as a great accent colour, and was employed to full effect as one last season. Professional designers are a big fan of the shade due to its versatility and multiple style combos.


Blue will always be a colour that’s in style, and common and calm enough for all types of people to use it. Consider these helpful tips if you want to overhaul your living room to add in some blue renegades this summer!

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