Vin-spiration! Vintage Inspiration For Your New Home

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We all have our own individual tastes, and a lot of people will either shudder at the idea of vintage designs, or will completely embrace the topic. If you’ve moved into a new home recently, and you are thinking of ways to show off your vintage sensibility, but don’t have the cash to splash, why don’t you have a look at these few items for some vintage inspiration and see where they would fit in your home?

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Wooden Furniture

Nothing screams vintage more than classic wooden furniture. A lot of people go for a large dresser, and the more diverse the colors, the better. Lots of people love that rustic look, but most furniture now is quite cheap looking. So it can be hard to come by wooden furniture that really looks classic. You can always go for a bespoke furniture design, where something is made up for you, so at least you know some care and attention has gone into the detail. A lot of people scour the charity shops and find something that is almost perfect but is missing a knob or two. The great thing is if the finish is not perfect, you can just repaint it, or if there are things missing, you can replace them.


The cornerstone of any vintage looking space, the right wall art or pictures or even a display, shows off your vintage sensibilities. You can never go wrong with some art deco, or there are some great paintings, a fantastic example is the painting Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. If you don’t know this painting, you will when you see it! Oil canvas styles like Nighthawks is always a very classy choice, and it will elevate the mood of any room. If your budget is somewhat limited, vintage film posters are always a great choice, any classics like Gone with the Wind or It’s A Wonderful Life look great.


And not even dishware, but silverware, crockery or anything you used to cook some food can always benefit from a vintage touch. Vintage is very popular now in terms of the washing machines you can buy, but you can always go through the charity shops and look for some vintage teapots and cups with quirky designs to spruce up your living room. If you’ve got friends coming by, these dainty teacups always add a nice Je ne se qua to a rustic afternoon tea, complete with finger sandwiches and cake.


Cocktail glasses are always the first choice if you want to add that vintage hue to your home. You may want to bring back the cocktail hour, if not, they make handy receptacles for mocktails, complete with a Mad Men box set, you can sit back and relax with your significant other.

Of course, vintage has never been in ruder health, but did it ever really go away? If you are moving into your own place, or you finally moved out of your parents’ home, here are some fantastic ideas take on board that will provide you with some vin-spiration!


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