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10 Affirmations to Inspire Self-Confidence

These days there are so many influences to really help batter down our self-confidence. I look at my daughter these days and I am so proud of how strong willed, opinionated and strong she is as a person. Nothing knocks her down and if it does it’s for a moment. She is so sure of herself and that is really quite inspiring. It is funny to think that I used to be the same when I was younger (family have told me this enough times) but somewhere along that tiresome road of growing up I became less self-confident. As I grew, so did the pressure of outside influences and in that time my inner voice not only became smaller but it also became negative, pessimistic and when I really think about it really rather insulting to myself.

Now I am consistently working on my mindset I find that my inner voice is getting louder and becoming positive. I am really starting to control my thoughts and I am trying to follow the law of attraction in that thoughts become things.

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The best way to stop that negative inner voice is to think of some affirmations you can say to yourself each and every day. More than once a day. Put them on post-it notes, cover your scales, place them above the mirror when you brush your teeth, put them on the fridge door and really start believing in these words. They do not have to be complex, but they do have to be strong. I wanted to post ten examples of the types of affirmations you can say to yourself to start changing the thought process which in turn will start leading to stronger self-confidence.

Your affirmations need to be personal to you so first of all think about ten things that you think positively about yourself. They can be anything. I have written a few of my own to help inspire you.Here is mine.

I have nice eyes, I am a good mum, I am smart, I am good at writing, I am a good leader, I like helping people, I am supportive, I work hard, I am a provider and I am a good girlfriend.

Now, these are all fine but I want to make them stronger, I want an emotional connection to these things so I can really believe in these affirmations and believe in myself. It is important to get specific about your affirmations so that you can really relate to them.

So, I have nice eyes becomes I love the deep blue colour of my eyes, they are pretty. 

I am loved by my daughter and I am a great mother to her.

I am smart because I am always learning.

I have a strong passion for writing and I am good at it.

I want to inspire others and I lead by example.

I want to help other people be successful, confident and happy.

I have lots of support networks around me and I am well supported.

Each and every day I strive for progress by working hard.

I am helping my family by providing for them.

I am in love and I am loved and I have a great partner.

I am now saying these ten statements each and every day to assure myself that I am loved, I am worth it, I am deserving and I am lucky. I am so grateful that I have these affirmations.

Please share in the comments your favourite daily affirmation!

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Remember you are worth it in every way. You are deserving and you are loved.



  1. Ah, It’s so nice to see how listing a few nice things about yourself can be turned into personal, inspiring affirmations. I think I will give this a go. 🙂 Ray xx

  2. Positive affirmations are such a good idea! When I was at university, one of my roommates had some made up and put them around the bathroom mirror. I thought they were a little cheesy at first but I now have several of them in my mind that I pull out when I’m having a bad day. Always important to focus on the good stuff.

    1. Author

      I completely agree, when you get used to seeing something all the time they stick with you!

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