10 Ways To Make Your Grandparents Happy on Grandparents Day

This is a collaborative post.

I love my Nan and Grandad. I have a fantastic relationship with my maternal grandparents and now I am so happy that they have a lovely bond with my children; their great grandchildren too. I’m the eldest of all the grandchildren so I’ve been thankful to see 30 years with my grandparents with holidays, Christmasses and plenty of cups of tea. My kids are pretty fortunate to have great-grandparents in their lives too and as we are a blended family they have quite a few between them.

Grandparents day is traditionally celebrated on 6th October and there are plenty of ways that we can make them happy on Grandparents day. We all have grandparents and great grandparents of different ages and abilities with some requiring different mobility solutions for their needs and so when thinking of a lovely way to celebrate them we need to consider what they need from a day out.

Just spending time with my grandparents and bring the kids to see them makes them happy. We have some heated discussions sometimes but I think I’m really lucky to have such intelligent conversations with them. My nan has a great sense of humour too and the best laugh which I have absolutely inherited from her.

Recently for Adam’s nan’s birthday we put together a little photobook of Felix from his birth to 10 months. Felix is her first great grandchild and so she loves having him around her room.

Lunch out
Treating them to a meal or lunch out is a great way to spend time with your grandparents. If you can cook and have the space for a meal at home then even better.

Spend Christmasses or seasonal holidays with them
My grandparents have even gotten involved in our family board games from time to time! We will also never forget the day my step dad brought bread sauce to the table and a ladle to serve it.

Speak to them about their lives, childhood and fondest memories
I love hearing how my grandparents met and the lives they have lead. It’s been vastly different to mine as they’ve seen so much more new technology and laws come into place. It’s like carrying on the legacy when you have that knowledge of them.

Sentimental gifts
I think things like photographs, albums or pictures make nice sentimental gifts for grandparents. If not sentimental then something that could generally help them with their needs. My nan particularly loves Hotter shoes because their so comfortable so I know a voucher for that would go down well.

Days out and holidays
I really hope one year we can have a holiday with my parents so that my kids can create those holiday memories with their grandparents too. We recently took my mum with us to Paulton’s Park for Evie’s Birthday and then Adam’s mum to Legoland for Felix’s first birthday. They both enjoyed spending that one to one time with us and their grandchildren.

Offer your services
Last year Adam helped my grandparents a lot by cleaning their conservatory roof, gardening and painting the shed. I sat with coffee and doughnuts but my grandparents kindly paid him for helping them out and we got to spend a childfree morning with them too.

Grandparents seem to love a bit of gossip! It’s particularly funny if it’s about someone they know and they whisper if there’s the tiniest chance someone might hear, even if all the doors and windows are closed. My mum has this trait and I believe she’s passed it on to me. It’s always pretty harmless and usually very funny.

Learn a hobby or skill from them
I remember baking loads with my nan as a child and that has really helped shape my love of cooking and baking. I think this is a lovely way to pass a bit of knowledge down through the family and keep a bit of passion for more home skills I suppose.

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