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20 questions about me tag, vlog stars tagI wanted to join in with this Vlogging Linky because I want to increase my vlogging confidence and give more of me back into my blog. I am really starting to feel comfortable talking to myself now…sounds worrying doesn’t it? Although I still can’t do it if I’ve got an audience so the boyfriend needs to be asleep and the child needs to be at school. Leaves me with an hour and a half Monday to Thursday mornings!

Anyway here it is my first part of this series and a good way to reintroduce me back into my blog with twenty things about me! I would so love it if you head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe! Apologies for the lack of editing, busy background and rambles. I’m still finding my feet!





The post I mentioned What a Change! can be found here and then I updated my story in December 2015. I’m going to have to buy some video editing software or App at some point. But if you want to see how much makeup I have, here’s the picture I took! It is an organised mess.make up collection, make up addict, too much makeup

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  1. Ha ha! Love that you are promo’ing the linky! Thanks huni! ha ha! That is a LOT of make up! I really want to try a beauty box sub, such a great way to find new products. I could totally survive without flowers too, they are pretty but I would survive 🙂 Thanks for joining in with #VlogStars, we are open again today for the 20 songs tag x

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