2016 – My Best Year Yet

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve recently been promoting products from a different company, well, since November really, and I thought it was time I explained what’s been going on and why I decided to make a change. As many of you know I gave up my full time job as an Insurance Auditor last April. This was after a serious bout of food poisoning where I was required to take two weeks off work on SSP with a doctors note. Each day, except the last, I called in to explain why I was sick and each day I was greeted by more and more frustrated responses about how my work load was suffering and that I should be at work. I am not one to mess about with work, I don’t like taking time off and I like not getting paid even less but I did not deserve to be spoken to the way I did, especially upon providing a doctors note explaining I was currently not fit to work. The food poisoning lasted the whole of the two weeks and I barely left the house it was incredibly worrying not being able to eat or even sleep. A friend very kindly offered to hand in my doctors note to my manager as I physically couldn’t get there. In that envelope I enclosed my notice of resignation as I was sick of the way I was being treated and, in the long term, we knew it would work out better as come September, we really weren’t going to be able to sort out after-school childcare as my shifts ended at different times and my partner works nights. It would be a nightmare. What I didn’t expect the team leader in charge whilst the manager was absent was to inform my friend about my resignation despite it being in a sealed envelope. I consider that a massive breach of confidentiality and bad judgement on the part of that particular person. Clearly, my resignation was the best thing to do. I was sick of being treated like a child and working in such a negative environment with a manager that was ridiculously unapproachable. I know I’m not the only person that feels like this. I also know that not everyone can just hand in their notice and start their own business, for a huge variety of reasons. It’s a tough decision. However, for myself and my family it was absolutely the best decision I have made.

When I started with my previous MLM I was fairly enthusiastic and tuned in to some of the trainings, increased my product knowledge and held a few parties. However, each time I read more on the products there was one thing staring me in the face. Price. I understand why the price is the way it is, the company has lots of awards and the products they offer are versatile but how could I convert someone that buys all their makeup for under a tenner from Superdrug to get one mascara for over £20? It didn’t happen, because my friends, being the age they are, do not have a lot of disposable income. That’s because we’re busy saving for a mortgage, wedding, start a family, holiday, just don’t earn enough…whatever the reason, that’s fine, I get it, that’s life. So you offer the opportunity to others to join and then again you mention the price of starting up, but then again, how easy is it for you to get £200 out of thin air? Sure, you could save for a couple of months, but then the MOT might need doing, the boiler breaks, a family emergency happens…someone has to be really dedicated to an opportunity to be able to commit £200. Again, the business building box you get is fantastic, it contains a great load of products, literature, books and promotional material to really get stuck in. Again and again I was met with the question, what if it doesn’t work? What if I waste my money? Now, there are some wonderful, incredible success stories out there where people have got past that and worked it but after a lot of thought I decided I couldn’t be passionate about products that I didn’t believe in. That’s the truth of it really. In business, you have to have passion to keep you being consistent and you have to believe in what you’re selling. Personally, I felt like I was misleading people, and I felt the target to earn from my team was just to high and because of that my confidence and self belief just left me.

Over the summer I got quite depressed with the entire situation worrying that I wouldn’t make any money from the business, checking on my finances to see I had spent too much on expanding my kit rather than finding new customers to show products to and just generally feeling a bit rubbish about my decision. So I took a little time away really, worked on my mindset and did some research into direct sales and network marketing. This is where my new company came to me, after many months of reading up on things, I decided to move over to ActiDerm who are currently rebranding to ActiLabs so for the purpose of the future, I’ll refer to them as ActiLabs rather than come back and change it all later…

actiderm, actiderm selfie kit, makeup, mineral makup, skin sync makeup
ActiDerm Selfie Kit available for £32.50

ActiLabs are a French based cosmetics company which specialise in surgically inspired treatments available in the comfort of your own home, mineral skin-sync makeup, slimming and inch loss products. Similar products to what I was used to selling but with a massive difference. Lower joining fees, no subscription fees, no enforced monthly targets unless you have a team, weekly pay, monthly bonus and one of the biggest perks was what is known as ActiCash. This is amazing because it is credit you earn each month to spend on products to enhance your kit. So rather than using your well earned commission on buying more and more products you work on your retailing skills and you get then, essentially, for free. Other than earning an income it’s a great incentive to focus your time and energy on retailing your products.

actiderm anti cellulite cream, cream to lift skin
Our Anti-Cellulite Cream is only £11.50 and gives amazing results.

There’s no official target to earn any money with ActiLabs but when you have hit £350 sales in one month you become a Diamond Ambassador. This gets you an extra 5% bonus on everything that you sell which is payable the first Friday of the next month. Weekly pay means that you’re never waiting long for your commission to be paid to you and with courier delivery including Saturday availability you usually have your order within 48-72 hours.

actiderm products, actiderm makeup, mineral makeup
Diamond Dust, Skyscraper Mascara, Brow Wax, Lip Gloss, Lip Crayon and MesoDerm

There are several ways to join ActiLabs and become an Ambassador for French products which have a real luxury feel. It’s important to discuss options with your sponsor as there might be something they can do to help however you can start your business for as little as £20. That’s an incredibly low start up cost for a direct sales or network marketing business. That £20 gets you a website for life, no subscriptions needed in the future and you then have an online shop to direct customers to from the moment you get your welcome email. Even if you don’t want a big business, paying £20 for your online shop to promote and a 20% discount on beauty products for life is a price worth paying. Another great thing is you don’t even have to collect money for your orders, you can simply direct customers to your shop where they can purchase products safely and securely. If you want to get your hands on some products then you can start with our Selfie Kit which gets you an amazing range of our best selling products, a gorgeous make up bag and at a heavily discounted rate of just £32.50. This will help sales because you can start showing friends and family the products quickly and give yourself a new makeover, great for selfies, hence the name. When you buy a kit you are required to match the price of your kit in sales in your first four weeks, that’s the only real target you’ll ever face, and that’s to stop people just buying a kit and doing nothing with it. So if you go with the selfie kit you need £32.50 in sales that first month – that’s one or two products, depending on what you sell. If you go with the £100 kit then it’s £100 sales in your first four weeks. I achieved this easily, so I don’t doubt you will too!

ActiLabs Ambassadors retail their products on social media, fetes and stalls, home parties, one to ones and through personal results. It’s easy because the products are super affordable and give long lasting, surgery inspired results. We have a product called ‘NoTox’ for a reason! ActiLabs products are superior because of the high content level of active ingredients in them and as you’re buying straight from the lab through an Ambassador you cut out the ‘middle man’ so to speak and are saving an average of 70% from the retail prices. Our products are competitive with high street brands but with, in my opinion, better quality.

I hope this gives you more understanding of what ActiLabs is all about pop any questions in the comments or get in touch with me for more information on this company.

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Hi I'm Kayleigh, a family, lifestyle and travel blogger based in Hampshire, UK. I love writing, reading and cooking. I spend all my money on holidays and creating awesome memories for me and my family.

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