37 ways to get more money

37 Ways Get Money This Month

I really do love working from home but with some big changes happening in the next few months a little more money really can’t hurt can it? I know I’m not the only one to feel like this either. I have some great income boosting activities that I do to help me earn more money each and every month but there are so many ways you can get, save and earn more so that those pockets are filling a little heavier. I’ve also written 20 ways to get more money into your life and I wanted to expand on that today to get more ideas going. I spoke recently in a post about how we’re looking to save £5,000 for a possible relocation. It’s not set in stone but that kind of saving will benefit us no matter what so I’m evaluating all of my options right now.

  1. Start saving money – £1 a week if that’s all you can afford to start with. It will be there for whatever you need it for. I use Plum to save money which takes small regular amounts out of my account depending on what I can afford. It’s very flexible and can be taken out whenever I need it. I also have a smash pot holiday fund where every time I get a £5 note I pop it in. I’ll smash it when it’s full and the plan is to use it for a holiday.
  2. Audit your finances – get a spreadsheet, your accounts and a big mug of coffee. What and where are you currently spending that you just don’t need to? I love subscription boxes but I’ve put a pause on them right now because I don’t really need them at the moment and that money would be better off elsewhere.
  3. Check what is due for renewal or any contracts that have ended and replace them. Going through TopCashback has always got me great offers and a good deal of cashback. You can check this when renewing phone contracts, insurances and utilities.
  4. Are you getting the right price for your current bills like gas & electric? It’s always worth doing a quick comparison to see if you can switch and save. Again going through cashback websites usually earn you a decent amount back too.
  5. Sell stuff you’re not using. We are taking some games and DVD’s to CEX which we’ve already been told should be around £55. That’s a food shop for us and would help towards our £5K target by a large margin.  I’m gently trying to coax him into parting with a few other games because we know that if we really want to play them again they will be cheap to buy a few months down the line. You can also sell books, clothes, bags and in good order electronics. De-cluttering the home is so good for the soul too, you’ll have more space, more money and less junk you don’t want or need.
  6. Are you a creative? Cards, knitting, sewing, art, writing, cakes…can you sell anything you currently do? There are so many ways you can advertise for free online to sell your stuff. Etsy, Ebay, Facebook groups, free online space, a shopify site, a blog…every option is worth looking into. I love the fact that I can earn money for writing here on my blog and as a freelancer. You have the chance to do that too if there’s something you’re passionate about. Get some photos up and a few testimonials from friends, get yourself out there. Don’t think about it, just get it done.
  7. Join Survey sites. Some pay brilliantly. I really like Prolific Academic which never rejects you, pays well and has new research practically every hour. Totally worth signing up to and good easy money.
  8. Join Reward sites. I love Swagbucks for this and getting £50 in vouchers every month is a massive perk.
  9. Change you shopping budget and shop somewhere else if you can. If we shop at Lidl or Aldi we save so much money and can often get two weeks of food for a family of 3 for under £70
  10. Meal plan every week and stick to it
  11. Always write a list of thinks to buy before you shop and don’t leave the house without it
  12. Start a blog and get active in the blogging community for sponsored posts and reviews
  13. Enter giveaways, you never know if you’re going to win, it doesn’t take a lot of effort and you can use prizes as gifts for family saving you money
  14. If you’re already blogging or a social influencer, consider affiliate links through posts and online. Always disclose if something is an affiliate link
  15. Look at viable work from home opportunities. I do some web search evaluate work which pays very well and I quite enjoy it to be honest. A great way to top up the earnings consistently
  16. Change your job for one you enjoy and that pays better. Easier said than done but value yourself especially if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing right now and you’re seeking something else that you value more
  17. Look into working as a virtual assistant or local companies or a social media manager
  18. Invest in yourself with a course to become qualified. With that you can increase job prospects and you’ll have more self value. The knowledge of the course will be a bonus too
  19. Have a monthly budget and stick to it. Have an aim or amount you’d like to have in your account every month
  20. Look for cheaper ways to get around. Can you ditch the car for a bike or even better walk? Can you take the bus instead of the train? Can you commute with a colleague to work?
  21. Check any clubcards or loyalty cards for points. Can you use that for next weeks shop or is there a double up scheme coming up where you can exchange vouchers for days out? Consider using the points to buy birthday or Christmas gifts if you need to
  22. Keep your receipts and scan them with ReceiptHog – a free app which allows you to earn points on your shopping and exchange for Paypal and Amazon vouchers. They rack up quite quickly and most receipts are accepted.
  23. Can you do a car boot sale or fete with any unwanted but in good working order toys or books?
  24. Browse charity shops for bargains on clothes if you need a new wardrobe or holiday shop
  25. Everytime you go to buy something think whether you want it or if you need it. That has often lead to me putting things down and saving myself the pennies. I get shiny object syndrome a lot.
  26. Can you upcycle or craft anything? Have you considered making that a business?
  27. Become a mystery shopper. This can enable you to have cheap family meals out and get paid for a few minutes of your time on fairly easy jobs. If you’re closer to a city there will likely be a lot more work for you to do.
  28. Warm your inbox and contact previous clients or companies you’ve worked with and see if they have anything available
  29. Pitch to a company every day introducing yourself and what you do. See if you can form a collaboration together
  30. Don’t be afraid to have more sales conversations or discovery calls if you’re in a client lead business. More conversations lead to more conversions and that leads to more money.
  31. Don’t be afraid to self promote. 20% creation and 80% promotion is a good rule of thumb
  32. Follow people that inspire you, that make good money or that you would aspire to be like. You can pick up a lot from their free content.
  33. Say no more. I mean no to people that constantly ask you for things without wanting to give back. You are absolutely allowed to keep your money to yourself if you need it.
  34. Cook at home more rather than eating out and use what you have, it’s cheaper and healthier.
  35. See if you can change gym memberships or if there is a better cost option around for you. Gyms seem to be popping up all over the place these days here and all of them want to offer a competitive price.
  36. Always shop around and find the best deal possible for you. There are so many comparison sites and tools these days. A lot of companies are willing to price match too so it’s really worth the time and effort.
  37. Change your bank account over. Some over a little cash back for doing so and the bank account could have a better interest rate, package or rewards.

37 Tips and Ways to Get More Money This Month

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  1. These are some really great ideas! Good luck with your saving goals. And thank you for putting together all these great tips. #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Great list, I love Swagbucks and Prolific and am a crazy receipt hunter/scanner. Since becoming super skint, I’ve been amazed at how many ways to save and earn money there are. #TwinklyTuesday

  3. 33 is my fave, but mainly because it made me chuckle! The people who always want my money but don’t want to give back? That my kids hahaha!! #BigPinkLink

  4. These are wonderful tips Hun!
    And so many useful ones!!
    I really must start saving more, even £1/week like you say.
    Thanks so much for joining #bigpinklink

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