4 Apps That Will Save You Money

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Nothing feels better than making a saving or getting your monies worth, after all, who doesn’t want a little extra cash in their pocket at the end of each month? We all know that shopping in a sale can get you a good deal but here are four super savvy apps that will help you put the pennies away.

Too Good To Go
Did you know that the average UK household spends £3,150 on groceries and £1,600 on restaurants and takeaways every year! That’s a hell of a lot of money. What’s more up tp £800 of this ends up as food waste. So what if you could save yourself money and cut down on food waste at the same time? Introducing Too Good to Go a nifty App that helps you fight food waste by paying a fraction of the cost for food that would otherwise be thrown away by bakeries, restaurants and shops each day. The food is still fresh, delicious and safe to eat and it’s always exciting to see what you can get in your magic bag. 

Airtime rewards
How good would it be to save money on your phone bill without doing anything at all? Then it’s time to try Airtime Rewards a completely free App that makes retailers pay for your phone bill. So how does it work? You add your debit or credit cards to the app and when you spend using one of those cards at one of their partners such as Caffe Nero, Topshop or Wilko, the retailer gives a percentage of your spend back through the App and this is then redeemed off your phone bill. So if you’ve got a good value EE SIM-only deal, then very quickly you will find yourself having no phone bill at all! Win-win! 

Ok, so this one isn’t technically an app, it’s a browser extension, but it will still save you money. Honey is a clever add on that will make sure that every time you checkout online the best voucher codes and coupon deals are automatically applied at the checkout. No more searching for voucher codes only to find they’re not active, just shop as you normally would and watch the money come off the final bill without lifting a finger. You can add Honey to most browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Edge, it just sits inconspicuously in the background until its needed.

Plum is the future of savings, an AI assistant that will make sure you’re only putting aside the money you can afford. In essence, Plum gives your bank a brain, it learns and analyses your transactions, income and spending then every few days it withdraws the perfect amount from your account and saves it for you. Little by little your savings grow without you even realising it. You can withdraw your savings any time or leave them working in the background and watch how quickly the money accumulates. What’s even cooler is you can talk to Plum through Facebook messenger.

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