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A Hot Start to The Summer Holidays

These months really are just flying by and it seems so unreal to think that as of tomorrow I will be entering my 8th month of pregnancy – how crazy?! I completely missed out on our family life update last month so thought I’d share what we’ve been up to recently.

Evie has finished year two at school and when she returns not only will she be starting year three but she will also be starting as an eight year old. She ended the year with a production of the Lion King where she was a beautiful flamingo and all the children worked so hard on it, it was lovely to see. I can’t quite believe how fast she is growing up and how amazing she is doing at school. Her end of year report was absolutely glowing and showed how Social she is, how she is beginning to join in with and contribute more and she really does have a head for maths and science but I’m really proud about. Logical subjects were never really my strong point at school so I’m keen to do what I can to help give Evie interested in STEM subjects. She also started school swimming lessons at the end of year two as the junior school have a swimming pool for the children to use and in just a few weeks her swimming ability has increased and I feel much more confident about taking her swimming to our local pool than I did before. I am hoping we can fit in some swimming over the summer holidays and then she will continue with a few more lessons when she starts junior school until the weather gets worse.

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Evie is also starting two after school clubs in September which are recorder club (I feel like I’ve punished myself there but still…) and Film club. Twice a week she will finish slightly later but I think it will be good for her to have something just for her when Baby F comes and gives her a bit of downtime with her friends after school. We are also planning her 8th birthday and keeping it quite simple with a trip to the local family farm park which has a huge soft play area and then she has requested a KFC for lunch. Hopefully we can share some birthday cake with my mum and sisters before the jet off to Greece for a week and we dog sit the gorgeous Mia.

We are pretty confident Adam will be starting at a local university in September as we have worked out that he should have finished his Access Course in Social Sciences with a Merit. His official results should come through very soon where he can send these off to the university and hopefully he will see that conditional offer turn into an unconditional one and welcoming him to start. Everything is ready to go, we have sorted out student finance already and as the university is close enough to commute to we don’t need to think about moving or anything like that which is lovely. I’m so proud of how hard he’s worked and I think he’s going to do really well at university in his Criminology degree. He’ll be continuing to work his evening job and be juggling being a dad with a newborn in the house but I know we will all work together to make things balance out properly. He’s sort of at a standstill now waiting for those results and taking a bit of a break from all the academic reading but doesn’t really know what to do with himself. Luckily (not really) I have about 10 antenatal appointments, scans and classes booked in for us in August so it feels like August will be very end of pregnancy/preparing for birth.

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I am doing well and have had quite a busy month. Our holiday at the start of July was absolutely lovely and I’m so glad we had a chance to get away as a family. I loved swimming in the afternoon, seeing new places and just exploring the beautiful town of Shanklin a little more on the Isle of Wight. I’ve had my first hypnobirthing session and have been listening to some deep relaxation tracks to help start getting those positive reinforcement messages through to my sub conscious. My next session is on Friday which I’m really excited about.

I’m feeling much more prepared for Baby F’s arrival now we have a travel system kindly purchased by my dad. We’ve gone for the Mothercare Journey in Black as recommended by so many friends. I’ll be doing a quick video on how you put it all together and showing it off a bit soon. My step dad has also offered to buy us the Chicco Next2Me crib which we have always wanted so I’m excited about setting that up. Next on our list is a changing table for the bathroom because it will be great for storage and then all the other purchases are little bits we can get. I am slowly starting to pack my home birth box and hospital bag so that we are ready for whenever he makes his appearance.

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I think the biggest fears I have about childbirth now are having to have another Caesarean section and so I’m trying to positively affirm that birth is amazing no matter how it happens but I really need don’t want to have surgery. I’m doing everything I can to avoid a heavily medicalised birth and I think with hypnobirthing and the support of my beautiful Doula Sophie I will have a positive birth.

For now though we are looking forward to a month of fun, preparing for birthdays and not setting the alarm in the morning!


  1. It sounds like you definitely have your hands full! Your daughter is adorable in her Lion King flamingo outfit You will do amazing when the time comes don’t you worry!!

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