A Poem. – An Opportunity

I originally wrote this 28th April 2013. Trying to sum up my life in a poem. I am no literary artist but here it is anyway. Dedicated, clearly, to my very lovely boyfriend – well the happy ending bit is anyway. And I do have a home now, which is quite lovely. Anyway, I know it’s not absolutely fantabulous as some of the other poems I’ve had the pleasure of reading, but here it is anyway, something a little raw and rough around the edges, but my first piece of ‘creative’ writing I believe I’ve published on here.


There was a girl not fair of face,
She lacked in etiquette and in grace,
Other girls made her feel insecure,
The boys they always wanted more.

She met someone and thought she could trust,
But he decided that she must,
Experience things although she was young,
She did not find it very fun.

She found it hard to tell someone,
And when she did it made her glum,
She was believed and talked it through,
She said to him ‘Karma will come after you.’

Then after that she found it hard,
To trust any man with her heart,
She was quite cold and had few friends,
But the ones she had they were the best.

Life started to get hard for her,
She quit her job and then was lured,
With a promise of a happy home,
She didn’t want to be alone.

So she moved away but that’s not the end,
She had to carry on and pretend,
That she was happy but she was sad
The man that took her was pretty bad.

He used her like the others did,
He struck her down with his fist,
She would sometimes cry herself to sleep,
Then get more abuse if she should weep.

One day she found out she was not alone,
Something inside her was starting to grow,
For the first time ever she fell in love,
This little thing, her little dove.

The man didn’t seem to care,
That his advances were not fair,
He didn’t stop despite her state,
She prayed her baby would be safe,

When she came things did get better,
Then got worse, like he had a vendetta,
Against the women he was supposed to care,
Instead he’d pull her by the hair.

She stayed like that for almost two years,
Then one day had enough of tears,
She fled back to the home she once knew,
But she had no home that much was true.

So she moved into a crisis shelter,
Where she tried so hard to make her life better,
Her confidence began to climb,
Her daughter really started to shine.

She worked so hard to make her smile,
It was quite hard for a while,
Then she missed the adult company,
She missed having a family.

She thought well maybe it would be great,
If I could meet someone or find new mates,
She joined some sort of dating site,
Not really looking for her mr right.

Then one day he came along,
He made her smile, liked the same songs,
He took her out and treated her lots,
He made her so nervous it gave her spots.

Eventually she started to see,
That maybe this was meant to be,
He was kind and made her laugh,
She allowed herself to be quite daft.

Then one day she felt again,
Something she’d never had with men,
She fell in love and it felt good,
To be with someone who understood.

And now she feels so good and secure,
She doesn’t hide her past anymore,
She has someone that will stick it through,
And he loves her that much is true.

She doesn’t feel so scared right now,
She’s sure of her future except when she will have a house,
But it’s quite clear that she is made,
And so in love with this guy named Ade.


  1. Oh wow, what a touching read, Kat. Thank heavens things are good for you and that you found love, genuine love, with Ade.
    I’m new to your blog–thank you for finding me so that I could find you!–but I adore your work already.
    So nice to meet you,

    1. Author

      Thank you Christy 🙂 Great to meet you too, and glad you’re enjoying what I have to say!

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