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A Very Happy Birthday Adam

Welcome to your late twenties! You are constantly teasing me about approaching my 30’s but really you are not that far of yourself…We’ve had a pretty good year really and have done lots of lovely things. This time last year for your birthday we enjoyed a meal together at Pizza Express which was becoming a bit of a tradition however this year we have different plans. You’ll be at college and then working on the actual day so I’m looking forward to celebrating with you at the weekend watching a great film, browsing some shops and a meal out. We were going to be in Manchester so I could go to Blog On but with pregnancy and all the baby things we need we decided to have the weekend at home instead.

This year things are going to be different, or even the last I suppose of us being a three-person family. By the time we reach you’re birthday I’ll be half way through my second pregnancy and I know you’re so excited to meet this one. It’s so lovely to see you get excited about cute baby clothes and I’m really grateful you’re available to come with me to all the scans and check ups we’ve had. We’ve picked names together and talked about a lot of options considering my birth. I’m so grateful to how supportive you’ve been throughout this and how you too hope I have a much less medical and traumatic birth as I did with Evie. I’m really looking forward to our next scan and hopefully we will get to find out the gender before revealing it to everyone.

Adam and Evie

It won’t be long until we have our last family of three holiday to the Isle of Wight – one of our favourite places to go to together and we can enjoy a week of sun, playing, swimming and wandering around. It will be a really lovely break after your first year of college and of course Evie’s SATs which are coming very close now. I’m looking forward to getting away and having that last chance to really enjoy everything before I’m constantly waddle-walking.

This year has been mad but I am so, so proud of how you’ve done at college. How you automatically received back conditional offers for all of your University placements and even though we’re still waiting on a few more results I am keeping my fingers crossed that come September you will be heading to University to study a degree. You’ve worked so, so hard to get all of your assignments sorted on time, never asking for an extension despite the pregnancy, appointments, working and already being a step dad and family man. You really deserve this chance to just do something for you so that you can support yourself and finally get into a career you’re going to be happy in.

I’m so happy to be your partner and friend and that you’ve shared the last five and a half years with me and Evie. So we wanted to wish you a whole Llama love and a very happy birthday.

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