Adam is aging again.

Happy Birthday Adam. What is this now the fifth birthday of yours we’ve celebrated together? I’m glad you’re approaching your late twenties now. It makes me feel a bit better. We’ve had lots of fun times on and around your birthday over the years including a trip to Thorpe Park where you were, at the time, unknowingly suffering from glandular fever. It was good fun though and I braved Stealth and Saw: The Ride because of you. I remember listening to The Swarm by You Me At Six on the way there and you admitting the song wasn’t actually that bad for my taste in music. We had just found out about the flat too and no longer than a month until we could actually move in together.

Then of course there was the trip to Edinburgh which was fantastic. I loved venturing around Edinburgh zoo. I didn’t love finding a caterpillar in my salad at Frankie and Benny’s which has made me avoid that place ever since. I remember the super tasty chicken wings at The Filling Station and introducing you to your now favourite subway, The Chicken Pizziola. We did the open top bus tour, much to your absolute glee, although I still hear to this day how much you hated the Megabus Sleeper service we used to get there and home.

We’ve spent your birthday together, with family and with friends over the years and we’ve had a lot of fun. This year we’ve enjoyed a meal at our favourite resturant with our friends to celebrate the aging. You’re trying to convince me that a Chinese would really be the only thing that could possibly make you happy because you have a craving for sweet and sour chicken balls. You’re happy you’re having a few days off work to relax and enjoy a bit of time with us and we’re happy you’re home too. I’m looking forward to seeing Alien Covenant with you too. It wouldn’t really be your birthday without a trip to the cinema would it?

There are already loads of posts all mushy and lovely so you can go ahead and read them again if you want but I’ll end this one with we wish you a very happy birthday. We love you. It won’t be long until we have a whole week together in Cornwall.


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