all the things i want to do during this time of isolation

i don’t know if this is going to be helpful to anyone but i thought i’d make a list of all the plans and things i intend to do whilst at home over the next few months. it’s going to be hard, probably not bringing in any money from my self employment and my partner off work and kids to teach an entertain in our moderately sized two bedroom flat with no garden. some days i’ll probably do loads of stuff, other days i’ll probably sit down and watch netflix. some times we will have yummy meals, others takeaways whilst they’re still open and available. some days my daughter will have a full schedule and routine of education and learning. some days all of it will go to shit. but i’m an introverted person, i’m going to be fine with staying home, staying still and having some peace and quiet time. we have been given a gift of time here, whilst we are priveledged and well enough, providing my partner’s boss applies for the workers retention grant being offered by the government. if he does, and adam gets 80% of his wages, we will be okay for these months. take inspiration from this list if you’re overwhelmed by the thought of staying home.

  1. learn to play the violin. i do need to buy a violin and have been saving up for it. there’s a free youtube course to learn how. perhaps adam can sit and learn to play his guitar and evie can learn the keyboard. then we can get felix on the tambourine and start a family folk band. i am not even joking about this. i’ve always wanted to play an instrument properly so why not take the chance now and piss off my neighbours whilst i learn?
  2. paint the bathroom because it’s a garish mess that was never finished. hopefully the fact that we can’t go out and spend spend spend means we can save up for some new tiles in there too.
  3. declutter all the cupboards and storage spaces we have.
  4. do the team tomm deep clean boot camp and clutter buster. stick to team tomm 30 mins a day cleaning routine to get the flat tidy, clean and easier to live in.
  5. blog daily
  6. finally finish writing my pregnancy high bmi book
  7. read all the books currently on my to be read shelf
  8. get creative with my photography and editing
  9. focus on growing my instagram to 5000 followers, although 10,000 would be the dream! swipe up i’m coming for you
  10. watch all the harry potter, lord of the rings and hobbit films
  11. watch all the reruns of hells kitchen on amazon prime
  12. exercise daily finding joyful movement with my family. a walk in the fresh air, an online yoga class or a dance party
  13. make a playlist of all my old favourite songs and sing them all as loudly as possible
  14. attempt to empty all the contents of the cupboards and freezer creating some weird and wonderful meals and snacks for all involved
  15. facetime and video chat with family weekly
  16. do some youtube vlogs and challenges with evie

it’s all well and good writing a list of all the things i want to do during this weird time. i might not be able to. so far we are recording a few short video snippets and combining them into a vlog. hopefully it will keep family connected to us in a more unique way.

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