Happy Birthday Birthday Cake with Candles

Another Year, Another Birthday

Happy Birthday Adam!

A great start to the week as Adam passed his driving test after committing to regular, two hour, weekly lessons last August with an instructor he really got on with. I’m very proud of him. It could have been a pretty different birthday if it hadn’t started so well…

This year is another birthday I’m celebrating with the man I’ve known since he was 21. Today he’s 28 and this has probably been our biggest and most successful year. He finished college last year, got into university and has now finished his first year. He became a Dad in October when our son Felix was born. He got a new job which means he’s been hard at work four nights a week but getting to spend four days off with us. And now he has passed his driving test. I’m so proud of all of these hurdles he’s jumped over this year.

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Happy Birthday Adam, an amazing dad to our son but also an amazing step dad to Evangeline. A funny, nerdy, lovely man who still forgets where the clean washing goes. Six and a half years worth of birthdays have been celebrated but I feel this one will be a turning point to the many more adventures we can have in the next 12 months.

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