Autumn Family Life Update

Here we are on 1st October already. September felt like a really stressful month which is unusual because it’s one of my absolute favourite times of the year. We are now getting back properly into our routines but we did not get off to a good start at all!

Firstly, I have been unwell for about two months now which is really frustrating. The last couple of weeks have been a lingering cough. No sore throat or pain but just a cough which hits me when I’m a bit out of breath, laughing or speaking too much. Other than that though I have started feeling better in myself for the first time in a really long time. I attended BlogOn Toys conference a couple of weekends ago which was just amazing, great fun, two nights away from home with my friends. I learned loads and spoke to some fantastic brands. I came away with raffle prizes and an amazing goody bag. I also had a bit of a cinema day earlier in the month were I went to see Downton Abby (amazing) with my mum and then later that evening we had friends babysit Felix whilst Evie was at a sleepover and watched It Chapter Two (a bit long).

Me at the Cinema about to watch Downton Abby which was amazing

There’s something about getting out for you that does some real wonders I think. It has given me a bit more inspiration and encouragement, helped with my motivation and generally made me feel a lot more positive about everything I’ve had going on. My mental health has really taken a battering since having Felix and I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff. I’m not saying a weekend away cured it but it really helped get me back on my feet a little firmer. Thanks to that weekend I have decided to start venturing out of my comfort zone a bit more and carving out time for friends and gatherings as much as I can. This has lead to booking a ticket to the Maven Connex Christmas event in November and a bloggers circus themed Christmas party in December.

Evie started September with her 9th birthday, went back to school for two days and caught a sickness bug. So she’s already had a day off school sick which has frustrated me, but I would much rather she was home for that 48 hour quarentine period than give a sickness bug to anyone else. What’s worse is that we then all got it, me first, then Adam and finally Felix. We spend a good ten days or so trying to get over it with Adam even having to take a night off work for the first time this year.

Evie hasn’t been easy to be honest. She’s not been at her dad’s much this weekend as she wanted to go to a party instead and it sort of conflicted so she’s missed out on getting out a bit. However her attitude has been progressively getting harder to deal with which we have struggled with. I think it’s the lack of appreciation and gratitude. We have got her a journal to try and help her gain a little self confidence and work on her feelings of gratitude but it hasn’t really sunk in yet. She is doing some pretty exciting things at school though like a big Eygpt project, learning to play the Ukelele and Fencing during PE.

Adam has gone back to University although that had a bit of a hard start. On Monday just as he was driving off to go to his first lecture he found he had a flat tyre. We have RAC home cover, no tyre repair kit or a jack to change a flat tyre so they were able to help out but it meant Adam missed his first lecture which he was really frustrated about. The rain was so bad that day as well and it was just a bad start to a bad week really. Emotions were running high, we were tired, Felix had a cold, it was a bit of a relentless way to end September.

Family photo by the Paultons Park sign after our day at the theme park

But here we are now in October and we have plenty to look forward to. It will be Felix’s first birthday on Friday. I can’t quite believe it’s been a whole year of him in our lives. Evie is with her dad for an extra weekend to make up for missing some time with him last month. Adam will be doing lots of learning for his new modules and starting to get his assignment prep done. I haven’t got much on really so I’m going to be focusing on my blogging and excited about November as we are going on holiday, I’m going to a blog event and Adam gets reading week so will have some time at home to really get started on his assignments. Before we know it Christmas will be here and another year done and dusted.

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