Back To School + WIN Personalised Nametags Giveaway

The end of the summer holidays is in sight with just a couple of weeks to go. We, as a family, are having a bit of a change with our routine and with new things to be excited about. I really like September, it still has that feeling of new beginnings for me with the change of seasons, going back to school and ultimately it’s a positive month because it’s Evie’s birthday month. She will be 7 on 3rd and about to go into Year 2 at school. It’s a lot of changes for her too because this is the first year her class has been mixed since she started in Reception. There will of course be friendly faces and a great chance for her to make some new friends.

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When it comes to getting back to school there are lots of things to consider and lots of things to label from new bags, pencil cases and water bottles to all that new school uniform because kids grow too fast. Last year I received a pack of My Nametags which are fully personalised stick on labels. They are still firmly stuck on our labels, they haven’t come off in the wash or off the water bottle. They are the easiest labels I’ve come across. No need to iron on, you simply stick them onto the manufactures label and they are there for good. We’ve still got plenty of labels left for any new uniform this year but I know there are going to be lots of mums with children starting school for the first time so I wanted to share a little giveaway with you. You can read my full review of My Nametags here.

Below you can use the rafflecopter for a chance to win a pack of fully personalised name labels delivered to your door. I really can’t fault the quality on these personalised nametag stickers and I know you will love them too.



  1. I’m looking forward to not having to entertain a small person 24/7 but not looking forward to being so structured. I love the rocket design.

  2. The shopping for grey and blue uniform is now completed and Em is counting down the days though not looking forward to not having her choice of what to wear each day. The lovely pink labels with flower motif would brighten the new outfits and the design would still be very useful as she grows older.

  3. Love the idea of little one going to school and growing up. Love rocket design

  4. I work in the day nursery associated with the school my daughter is starting Reception in, so it hasn’t really been different. It will be nice for her to move from holiday club to “big school,” so I’m really looking forward to that. We have some of their name tags already, so I’d probably stick with the apple design we already have (unless she wants something else).

  5. black and white ones x for clothes pe kits and trainers and school shoes xx

  6. Yes my son is excited to see all his friends again and loves the blue police car design

  7. Very much looking forward to the kids going back to school. Love the butterfly design x x

  8. im looking forward to my daughter going back! with all this rubbish weather it has been a long summer holiday!

  9. My niece is getting ready for year 1. I’d pick out the panda design for her.

  10. I must be honest I have very mixed feeling about back to school as it means I am going back to work!

  11. I have actually just ordered the Space Shuttle Design on a dark blue background with white writing (the iron on version). They are really brilliant and I would recommend to anyone. If I won. I would order the same design in stickers as I think they would be brilliant for putting on shoes etc.

  12. My daughter is super excited to go back . has been from about week 1 of the hols!!

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