Back to School with Smiggle (Ad)

*AD – we received products from Smiggle in exchange for this back to school post.

Evie will be starting year four with some fantastic goodies from Smiggle. She has a beautiful peachy pink mermaid bag, a new lunchbag with a crossbody strap and these really handy stacking snackpots. The snackpots will be usefull for filling with bits in her bag rather than using disposable packaging and for her breaktime snack too.

Evie occassionally has hot dinners or a jacket potato at school but lunchbags are great for taking travelling too. The bag is a great size for her, it carries her PE kit, school bits and other bits and pieces that she frequently tries to sneak into school to give to her friends! I love the stuff available at Smiggle, there’s a great range, they’re good quality and there’s a lot of choice. You may see some more Smiggle bits and pieces on the blog and socials shortly because that’s where Evie wants to spend all her birthday money.

I can’t quite believe we are talking back to school with Evie going into Year 4. She’ll be 9 two days before the school year starts. This will be her second male teacher at Junior school. Sadly, it’s not the one she wanted because he is leaving but she really likes who her new teacher will be and thankfully she’s going into class with two of her little group of friends. She started her new junior school in January so this will be the first full year and the move was the best thing we did for her confidence and academic learning.

I want to do more with her this year to help her reach her goals more so we are going to see what activities we can do to aid her learning at home. This year with all the big changes we have not done as much. Thankfully her current school don’t have much homework for year three and four which I am so glad about but we haven’t been doing much reading either. She hasn’t fallen behind, but she doesn’t really seem to care about reading and I want to try and encourage a bit more reading for pleasure. She has some lovely books

Our reading goal this year is to read a couple of pages each evening from her school book and to start to encourage 30 minutes of independent reading each day. I think we will also do some paired reading activities a few times a week too. I love books and reading and I think Evie would enjoy some more adventurous stories if we read them together. I might start with Harry Potter. Alongside this we will be practising spelling and timestables.

Further activities we are going to try is from the Big Life Journal which encourages a growth mindset and something I’ve ordered for her birthday. I hope it arrives in time as it’s coming from the US. I’ll share and review it in a later blog post. We will also be working on the Mrs Wordsmith worksheets to help encourage Evie’s vocabularly, spelling and understanding the context of words a bit better.

I would really like to do some more STEM based learning activities and games with her as that seems to be where her strengths are. I want to look into some coding apps as well as maybe some of those science experiment kits that I always wanted as a kid because the looked so fun and interesting.

I feel like I want to do more with Evie to encourage her and stimulate her love of learning and understanding. I also think these could be good activities we could dedicate to doing together which will be nice as we’ve missed that over the last year.

Back to school will bring lots of new and exciting things including cinema trips, a halloween disco, an Egyptian extravaganza and a residential to the Isle of Wight. It’s going to be a big year for my big girl!


  1. My little girl is 6 and she has recently discovered Smiggle ad loves it, when she needs a bag for school next year I will be getting her a smiggle one as she keeps asking for one. Hope Evie enjoys year 4 x

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