My Guide to 11 Perfect Planners for 2018

Beautifully Perfect Planners for 2018

Planners – There are SO many out there right now. I bet you’re a bit like me, trying to find the perfect planner for you in 2018? I have searched high and low for beautiful planners for business, diaries for gratitude and journals to document weight loss. In this post I’ve compiled a list of my favourite planners for 2018 to help get you setting goals, smashing them and planning a perfect year. I personally love a weekly planner. I like to be able to look at the week ahead, document what is going on and block out my time. This really helps me feel organised and ready to take on the week. When it comes to my gratitude journal I think a daily planner or a planner you can reflect on the day works best. It’s hard to find one that has a good amount of prompts and space to write sometimes. I also like pretty, feminine planners because I’m a bit of a sucker for shiny objects and pink, pretty things.

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My Personal Planners 2018

I do like a chance to reflect on the year I’ve had and think ahead to make the next year better.¬† I think workbooks are great for this and I’ve tried to incorporate some goal setting workshops, asking myself and journaling reflective questions and getting it all down on paper. This year I am working with the Leonie Dawson My Shining Life workbook which I absolutely love. It’s really colourful, bright and has lots of space to write down about relinquishing the last year and invoking the new one. It has lots of space to be creative and focuses in great detail about different parts of your life like personal goals, health goals, business goals, community goals and so much more. I love the reflection section which has a little bit for each month to go back on and focus on. I love the look of the business specific workbook too. My Shining Year is available to buy here.

My Shining Year 2018, My Guide to 11 Perfect Planners for 2018 My Shining Year 2018 Planner My Guide to 11 Perfect Planners for 2018

My next daily planner is a daily doodle diet diary which I picked up from The Works for a couple of pounds. It’s a great way to keep track of my food, create meal plans, water intake and body measurements. This year I am completing the 90 Day SSS Plan by The Bodycoach. I am also going to attempt the couch to 5K which will be a massive challenge but I feel this is the year I turn 30, I want to make the most of it and smash as many goals as I can. Many of my readers know I have been so up and down with my weightloss and have yet to be successful in losing a stone and keeping it away. I suppose it’s part of the New Year, New You ideology¬†that we all get when creating our New Years Resolutions. Grab a doodle diet diary for yourself if you need it in your life, like I do!

Diet Diary, Food planner, Food Diary, My Guide to 11 Perfect Planners for 2018

There are two other fitness planners I really love and they are the Daily Greatness planners. Daily Greatness have loads of fabulous planners for all sorts of area’s of your life including the pink Training journal and the green Yoga journal. These are daily journals and are perfect for tracking exercise, general health, gratitude and have some real thought provoking questions. I love these because in the introduction pages I have been met with the phrase ‘Follow Your Bliss’ which I have tattooed on my shoulder. I can offer you 5% off a Daily Greatness Journal too, thanks to their fabulous referral programme. You can browse through to find your perfect Daily Greatness journal here.

Daily Greatness Yoga Journal, My Guide to 11 Perfect Planners for 2018 Daily Greatness Journal, Yoga Journal, Running Journal, My Guide to 11 Perfect Planners for 2018

For those that like a bit more creativity or freedom with their journals a Bullet journal is probably the best fit for you. I do have one but I’m very lazy with it and it’s sort of turned into more of an irregular diary. I think I’ll continue using mine as and when I want to write something a bit more personal rather than using it as a planner but I do love browsing through all the super creative spreads on Pinterest. I do however have the Stick to Stigu planner which I really love. It’s so simple, it has lovely prompts every week, space to write daily, weekly and places to doodle, a simple way of writing maps and a planner I am enjoying using in 2018. Have you got a Stick to Stigu planner? How do you best use yours? If not you can find out more about it here.

stick to stigu planner My Guide to 11 Perfect Planners for 208 Stick to Stigu 2018 planner, My Guide to 11 Perfect Planners for 2018

There are loads of other beautiful planners that I love the look of though!

Top 5 Planners 2018*

  1. Life Up 365 Planner
    I love the cover on this one and it comes in a variety of colours so it’s perfect to personalise. You can check out the most recent prices here.365 Planner, Weekly Planner for 2018
  2. Busy B 2018 Perfect PlannerThis is a really cute weekly planner with a lovely little pad for notes at the back. Check it out here.
    Busy B Year Planner 2018
  3. Deluxe Law of Attraction Planner
    I love the look of this one, I’m a big fan of rose gold so the colours are perfect for me and I am totally into the Law of Attraction so this is a perfect pretty planner. Most recent prices here.
    Law of Attraction Planner Weekly Planner 2018
  4. Inspire Now Journal
    An A5 productivity planner – perfect for people like me! You can get your hands on this lovely Inspire Now journal too, lovely colours, lovely name, lovely planner!
  5. Get Shit Done Planner
    For anyone that has the word FOCUS for 2018 – this is the planner for you, the best planner for the best year! Check out the most recent prices here.
    Perfect Planner 2018, Perfect Weekly Planner

What planner are you thinking of using in 2018?

My Guide to 11 Perfect Planners for 2018, including My Shining Year Workbook, Stick to Stigu, Daily Greatness planner and much more

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