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Beauty Pageants – To Take Part or Not…

We’ve been talking about plans by the French parliament to ban child beauty pageants on the grounds that they promote the “hyper-sexualisation” of kids. Do you agree? Would you like to see such pageants banned here or are they just harmless fun? – Take A Break Facebook Page, 19/09/2013

Wow! There is just so much I can say on this topic about how angry some parents make me when they force their children into these types of competitions although do they really promote hyper-sexualisation?

Some would argue that beauty pageants are fun, allow children to show of their talents and get a competitive edge but I think the parent’s are just in it for the money. Whilst it seems that the majority of these pageants are sensationalised in the United States they obviously happen worldwide, but with all the coverage over there how do we know that these types of parents aren’t actually a majority?

One thing I can understand why parents do it is the cash prizes available which can actually create a substantial college fund considering how much it is to study there but do they really need their two, four and six year old children marching around in bikini’s drinking energy drinks with a face full of make up? Doubtful.

Choosing to be in pageants is one thing but forcing your child to take place in such things when they’re two young to really get the type of message they are spreading is pretty stupid if you ask me. 

What is this actually teaching our children these days? These are children that are competing against each other for BEAUTY and it’s not even promoting natural, healthy, beautiful children it’s promoting artificial faces, self esteem issues and a great deal of complexes that just don’t sit right with me. Why not focus on how wonderful are children are at building LEGO, how fabulously imaginative and creative they are with play-doh and how hard they try to colour in the lines? Why not focus on story telling and make believe play and how young girls SHOULD NEVER FEEL LIKE THEY HAVE TO WEAR MAKE-UP BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE IS JUDGING HOW PRETTY YOU ARE WITH IT SLAPPED ON YOUR FACE.

What is with judges too? Do they not understand how fundamentally wrong it is to judge a child on how much makeup they are wearing and how much skin they are showing? Why are we teaching our daughters and sons to compare how beautiful we look on the outside, instead of teaching them about morales and principles. My daughter is beautiful exactly how she is and she’s bright and wonderful. Why would I want to ruin that by putting her in a contest that’s going to teach her every single principle I am whole-heartedly against. 

I’m all for a bit of fun, a bit of a show and a bit of competition but why does it have to focus on beauty, why can’t we participate in more talent shows and just have a great time doing it?

I think in some ways it does promote all this hyper sexualisation. Its making children appear older than they are. It’s feeding the child predators and all those stupid laws that rule young children “predatory” and according to some really, really stupid and insensitive judges “the allowance to be sexually assaulted and raped.”

So yeah it annoys me when parents overload their child’s faces with make-up and post them all over the internet, all over the country in pageants that teach them all the wrong kind of messages. You are allowing people to look at your child in an adult, suggestive and sexual manner. You are allowing people with a very disturbed illness to fantasize about your child and given them more and more access.

Why aren’t we doing more to protect are children in every way we can? Why aren’t we letting children be children. 

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