becoming a family of four

Becoming a Family of Four

I’m not sure If this will be my last family life update before Baby F is born but I know he will come when he’s good and ready which might be before or just after the end of next month. It seems strange thinking that this could be our last family update as a family of three though. We are all really excited and can’t wait to meet him.

The start of the summer holidays always feels like they are going to completely drag especially when you haven’t really got any plans. We had our summer holiday in July to the Isle of Wight because I wanted to go when I wasn’t too pregnant that I wouldn’t enjoy it but that has meant that over the summer holidays we’ve not really had much to do. It’s been so hot as well that sometimes leaving the house has been a bit too much. However, I do feel we’ve made an effort to make some lovely family memories together before Evie gets back to school.

The biggest thing for me is approaching this late stage of the third trimester and I am now so close to being officially full term. It’s been a month of preparation and planning for birth and labour with my midwife, doula and consultant. I’ve been practising my hypnobirthing, drinking raspberry leaf tea and eating dates. Our just in case we transfer to hospital bags are packed, I’ve gor a list of intructions and phone numbers on the door for Adam and I’ve created a when labour starts food shop delivery to process when I feel things are getting close.  I still want to avoid a c-section, I still don’t want to be induced and I’m hopeful that I can have my at home waterbirth.

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Adam has his theory test soon and with his student finance is able to start driving lessons again which will be really good for him. He has about 15 hours experience driving now and I think he feels he could probably pass his test this side of Christmas. We are just waiting for his university time table now really but he passed his access course with an overall Merit grade which was more than the pass required for his conditional offer. He’s excited about starting his degree and I think he will really enjoy it. He has some annual leave booked next week for Evie’s birthday and because we are looking after my mums dog whilst she goes on holiday. It will be really nice to have him home in the evenings for a bit of time whilst I’m at this stage of pregnancy too. It won’t be long until he will have his two weeks paternity leave which will be great however, he will still have to go to university so our time together as a family is going to be quite limited. I think this is why I’m getting quite nervous about having visitors over as I would rather people (except my mum) only visit when we are both at home whilst I’m recovering from birth and establishing breastfeeding. Life won’t be able to stop though as Evie will still need her lunches packed, homework done and getting to and from school!

Evie has enjoyed the summer break and it’s been lovely spending some quality time with her before baby F is here. We have been swimming, to the park, to the cinema and busy seeing friends and family. She has also been coming with me to our midwife appointments as there have been a few this month. She had the first week of the holidays with her dad and then has been away again with him for this week too. I’m looking forward to having her home Sunday night. I think we are planning on welcoming her home as normal, getting her to bed and then when Adam gets home we will decorate the living room with the usual balloons, banners and gifts. Then we can enjoy a birthday breakfast with her before going out for the day. She wants to tuck into a KFC and cupcakes to end her special day. It’s so crazy to think she will be 8! She will be back at school to start juniors the day after so it will all be about getting back to normal from that point on until the baby is here!

Its been a lovely summer break, our last as a family of three but I’m very excited about the next few months as can’t wait to see our family grow.

becoming a family of four


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