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Being Introverted Doesn’t Mean Boring

I’ve always been pretty introverted, ever since I was a child. In fact I think a relative once asked my mum if there was something wrong with me because I didn’t go outside and play very often. I mean I did go out with friends but I was absolutely the kid that would stay in or cancel plans just because they wanted to stay home alone. Part of being introverted could be down to some of my anxiety but I think for the most part I just liked staying in with a good book or playing computer games. I do think, however, that to some people being introverted automatically makes you a little bit boring to them. Just because you’re not someone that goes out all the time and has a whole host of friends does not mean you’re boring.

Adam and I have it in common, I think. Whilst he is nowhere near as socially awkward as I am, he absolutely prefers his home comforts. As an introverted couple that often means staying in at the weekends and playing video games. We’re actually considering getting a new PS4 because the memory is running low and we need a new PS4 controller as one of ours is not reacting very well. We play a lot of video games between us, it’s just always been our thing. I actually think Adam once said that if my online dating profile hadn’t mentioned how much I liked playing video games he wouldn’t have even messaged me. So it wasn’t my face he liked…cheers then! Anyway, I digress…

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As an individual I do often prefer to stay home or in very small groups. I’m not the first one to start a conversation and I’ve often sat with people I don’t know in long periods of uncomfortable silence. I have become more confident and come out of my shell a little bit more when attending things like blog conferences and events. I don’t know if that’s because it’s for work though and we all do seem to have a bit of a work persona. I also think I’m a bit more outgoing when it comes to blogging events because it relies on talking to people, relationship building and ultimately getting more work. In my personal life I’m not a big drinker and I don’t like crowds so heading into town or to a bar at the weekend is just not something I have ever enjoyed doing. However, I love holidays and exploring places. I like going out for meals, usually lunch and usually somewhere I know is going to be quiet. I also have a very small group of friends who are actually all pretty introverted people too.

As a couple it has always worked well for us because we understand and respect each others need for our own company and it also means there are a lot of things we can do together that don’t make one of us feel uncomfortable. I don’t think a relationship for me would work if I was living with a heavy drinker that wanted to go out on the town every weekend. I guess I just like things to be small, peaceful and quiet and often in my own home. That’s what being introverted means to me, not boring.

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