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#BigBloggerExpo – 24th July 2016

Yesterday saw me attend my first ever blog event in London with a whole load of fellow bloggers and new brands to meet. The day for me started pretty early, I’m always up at the crack of dawn anyway but I was obviously too excited to sleep properly! However this gave me a chance to have a nice long bath, face mask and use my Mr Blanx Teeth Whitening strips. A first impression is important after all! I also added a little extra colour to my hair to give it a stronger Candyfloss look. I had a lot of compliments on my hair throughout the day and it seemed to be how some of the brands recognised me which was nice.

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Before I knew it I was making my way to the train station to meet up with Jessica from Diary Of A Brit Girl. I’ve known Jess for such a long time and it was great to head up to the event with her. It also meant I had a chance to meet the organisers and stay for a bit afterwards to chat which was really nice. Our train only takes around an hour and twenty minutes to get up to London and time passed quickly as we were chatting. It wasn’t long before we were walking up the road to have brunch thanks to a Wowcher code Jess had found, it was such a good deal. You can read more about our brunch at Urban Meadow here.

The event was held at the Danubis Hotel, Regents Park which looks like a pretty normal building from the outside but is a really lovely venue. We had the use of two rooms which were full of new brands to speak to and meet so there was plenty to do and see. After collecting our wristbands and stamp cards we started chatting with brands. There were a couple that really stood out for me personally which were Borough Box, Bonnie Boo Gifts, Living Proof and Jewellery Box. As a lifestyle blogger I love to talk about variety and these four really had something special to offer.

Borough Box are a London based company that create goodies for foodies including gift hampers and a monthly discovery box which I really have my eye on. I love to try new food and there were so many amazing products to try and it was great to see such a huge range of speciality goods. All of the products sourced are local and individual businesses so you won’t find the products in your local supermarkets. They were the types of food and drink that you’d expect to find at food shows, craft fayres and events like this – something you really can’t get anywhere else and it’s so nice they’re bringing the products together. The Honey Ale sounded particularly delicious!

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Jewellery Box had a beautiful stall full of their gorgeous creations. They make really delicate looking pieces and I came away with a gorgeous little gift. I then won a selection on the raffle so I know have five new gorgeous pieces of jewellery including earings, a bracelet and necklaces. It’s so nice to have a little gift for myself and I can’t wait to start wearing the pieces, especially on my cruise next month!

Bonnie Boo gifts had their company launch at the event and their products are so lovely. They have created hampers for newborns which is so handy and their prices are really competitive. I was speaking with Linda, the owner and creator and you can tell she is just so passionate about what she is creating and really loves putting the gift hampers and baskets together. I would have loved one of these for my little one when I was pregnant. Baby showers are really becoming a big thing here too and these make ideal gifts. Linda is also really passionate about natural skincare for babies and offered me a gorgeous little bubble bath to take home for Mini Kat to try – she is very excited about her next bath!

blog event london, bonnie boo gifts, baby hampers

Living Proof have products that are just amazing. I don’t want to say too much because I’ll be reviewing the products in another post but I’ve come home with the Anti Frizz Humidity spray and Dry Shampoo. I saw results on the day and was so impressed.

We also met the owner from Jody Bell and absolutely gorgeous fashion line and probably the most glamourous lady I have ever met in my life. She was so nice and approachable and her range of clothing was stunning. I was a big fan of the sun hats and bags on display. We also met Heaven Skincare which I’ll be reviewing in another post and can’t wait to tell you all about them properly. I got some gorgeous samples from Natural Word, Dr Paw Paw, Westlab, Pamper Therapy and so many others. It was truly an amazing day and so lovely to meet everyone! Thank you for providing the wonderful samples on the day, we can’t wait to try them!

The event ended at 5pm after the drawing of the raffle. I won twice and got myself a lovely set from Jewellery Box and a brush set from Eco Tools. It was funny as I was speaking to Jess on the way up to London that I needed some good makeup brushes and she recommended this brand, so to win was amazing. The money raised from the raffle is being donated to British Heart Foundation and it’s really nice to be able to give something back to charity. You can tell this is a really important thing for the organiser Lauren.

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We got back home around 9pm so it was quite a long day but so worth it! Now it’s time to sort out all my bits and pieces and get using them. Why not follow me over on Instagram to see more photos of the day and goodies.

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic day and that you’ve discovered some brilliant brands! The monthly discovery box of food goodies sounds amazing, I would love that! Love the hair too it looks amazing – perfect USP so brands recognise you too haha. #bigpinklink

    1. Author

      I know I think I was very easy to spot and had a few people and brands comment on my hair which was so lovely 🙂 I know the discovery box looks and sounds fab, def go and check it out! 🙂 x

  2. You got some great pics and wow!! Didn’t realise you’d won that many brushes!! Lucky, lucky you 🙂 x

    1. Author

      I know I was absolutely amazed! So funny as on the way up we were talking about how I needed some new makeup brushes and then boom!

  3. Wow this looks amazing! I’m yet to go to a blogging event but keep thinking about blogfest. If the day is half as good as this looks then i will def go! #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Author

      I can’t say as I’ve never been but it has really inspired me to go to more! I am for sure going to BML next year, without a doubt, no matter what. There are so many events and I want to be a part of as many as I can! 🙂 I say go for it! x

  4. I think I would be too scared to walk in to a room filled with people. It is so much easier to communicate from my living room. I can stand up and argue for equality for disabled people but, maybe, over the years I have lost a bit of me.

    Great to see what happens though! Again, from the security of my lounge and in the comfort of my PJs! #DreamTeam

  5. Sounds like you had a great time! I hadn’t heard of this until some comments came up on Twitter. Hoe many folks were there? We’re there any talks?Thanks for sharing! #dreamteam

    1. Author

      There weren’t any talks this year no, they had feedback saying they didn’t want any talks at future events so it was just the networking side of things. I think the guest list had space for 100 people, tickets sold out but I think I heard there were some no shows.

  6. That looks like a fab event! I know what you mean about the pink hair making you stand out, I had so many people coming up to me at BML because they recognised the hair! Sounds like you came away with some brilliant stuff. Thanks for joining us at the #bigpinklink

  7. Love a good blogging event! This one looks great and you got to meet some fab brands. I bet having some you time and meeting a friend was also the icing on the cake 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst

  8. Sounds like you had a great time at the event. Hope you are enjoying testing out the products. #MarvMondays

  9. This sounds like such a cool event. I think I would have especially liked the Borough Box! And I love Eco Tools as I use their makeup brushes everyday. #DreamTeam

    1. Author

      Def check out borough box the website is great! Lots on offer 🙂 I’ve never used Eco Tools before but so glad I won them, they are lovely brushes!!

  10. Sounds like your first ever blogging was a bug success! Well done on your raffle prizes. What a great event to connect with brands and try out some products. I will drag myself to a blogging event one day, they always look so fun xx #bestandworst

  11. Aw this looks really fun! I’m yet to attend something like this – can’t wait for the day that I do though! #fortheloveofBLOG

  12. Sounds like a lovely event with some really nice brands! I’ve yet to attend my first bloggers event so im really hoping I get a chance to whilst im off on mat leave this year and early next year. Love the sound of Borough Box and am going to check out a few of the other brands you’ve mentioned so thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

  13. Yay! I went to my first ever event too a little while ago. It looks like you had loads of fun, and it’s always nice to get a few goodies to try out too. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam xx

  14. I didn’t get to go to this event, so it was nice seeing your write up (committed to Bog Munch’s mates birthday party!). So many cool brands, bet you guys had fun #fortheloveofBLOG

  15. Ah Kat this is the event you were telling us about on twitter 🙂 Pleased you had a good time and how exciting to win two raffles!! thanks for linking with #fortheloveofblog ! Hope you enjoyed it and can join this weekend!

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