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#BigBloggerExpo – My First Event

#BigBloggerExpo – My First Blogging Event!

I’m finally going to my very first blogging event and I am so excited about it I thought I may as well blog about it too! I’ll be posting all about the event after I’ve attended but now there’s only a week to go! I’m heading up with the very lovely Jessica from Diary of a Brit Girl who is a good friend of mine! We’ve known each other outside of blogging for over ten years now and I’m really glad to be heading up to London with her, mainly because she’s attended #BigBloggerExpo before and it’s always nice to have a buddy.

I’ve just read through an email detailing the day too which has just got me even more excited to meet lots of other like minded bloggers and brands. I’m really looking forward to networking with as many people as I can whilst I’m there.

I knew I wanted to attend this particular event for ages and I’ve been following the updates for a good few months. Back in May I was able to secure my ticket for #BigBloggerExpo and time has just flown by! We’ve got a busy week ahead of us with Mini Kat finishing school and a few family trips. Plus I expect we will be playing plenty of Pokemon Go! as we are a family slightly obsessed!

I’m very much looking forward to meeting as many people as I can next weekend so if you see me and want to come and say Hi! Please do! This is my face:

#bigbloggerexpo bloggers

I may be without the fizz and I’m hoping my roots will be done by next week though…

I’m also waiting on some brand new business cards. My sister is currently studying Graphic Design and has created me some really lovely cards. I’ve placed an order with Colour Graphics who are providing me with 50 free cards to review. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they turn out and using them to network at #BigBloggerExpo.

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#BigBloggerExpo is a LDN Meetup Event and is held on the 24th July this year. It’s an exclusive guest list only event with a huge range of brands and bloggers coming together. Have I already told you I’m excited?



  1. I am going to an event in September and will also need business cards, thanks for reminding me. Hope you enjoy the event x

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