My 30 Things to Do Before I'm 30 Bucket List for 2018

My Birthday: 30 Things To Do Before I’m 30

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and are out of the lull limbo between then and the New Year. My birthday just so happens to fall in this limbo of not knowing what’s going on and fueled by cheese and biscuits so yesterday I turned 29. I had a really nice time actually. Straight after work on Friday evening, Adam and I headed to Salisbury and checked into a hotel before heading out to dinner at a lovely Mexican restaurant called CactusJacks and then back into town for some cocktails at the bar YoYo next to our hotel.

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Birthday, YoYo KokoNut Cocktail, Salisbury Cocktail Bar

It was a good night, we were back by 10.30 and got a relatively good night sleep. Breakfast was had, we were hangover free and I was treated to some shopping. We headed back home on the bus, chilled for a bit and then went over to see my mum for a takeaway, drinks and a game of cards against humanity. A nice day, spent with lovely people having fun and being treated to some gorgeous things. Adam splashed out on a new bag, some fragrance sprays, new ankle boots from Hotter and a big selection of Benefit makeup. I also got some lovely things from my sisters and mum – more makeup and pampering bits which I love.

Birthday, Hotter Ankle Boots, Suede blue boots, Animal BackPack

Next year I’ll be turning 30 and I aim to make a bit more of a fuss of myself. I also want to make lots of lovely memories of the year with the family so I’ve made a bit of a bucket list of things I want to do over the next 12 months. Some of them are a bit boring, some of them are focused on learning but all of them I want to get done as I say goodbye to my twenties and hello to my thirties – Adam is taking great pleasure in this saying he will still be in his twenties and someone from work kindly reminded me that in ten years time I’ll be approaching 40…thanks guys!

Birthday Festive Krispy Kremes for 30 before 30

  1. Read all the books I haven’t read on the bookshelf yet – there are just a couple of these and some graphic novels, plus the books I got for Christmas this year.
  2. Read all the books I haven’t read on my Kindle – there are A LOT more than this
  3. Complete my NLP course – It’s really interesting and I want to complete it soon for my certificate!
  4. Get a new tattoo – post a majority shift of weight loss hopefully!
  5. Educate myself about better nutrition
  6. Save a minimum of £30 per month for a rainy day
  7. Be in the photo 30 times – selfies not included. I’m never in the photo, I need to be.
  8. Create 30 vlogs for my YouTube channel – no one watches it but it’s helping my confidence so much and I’m starting to really creating content with video
  9. Have a complete flat de-clutter – I want to get this done in January as part of a bit of a cleansing thing
  10. Have 30 no spend days and mark them on the calendar in advance
  11. Workout for 30 minutes a day at least five times per week Рa mix of HIIT, Yoga and Kettlebells will be used here
  12. Complete the Couch to 5K challenge – need a decent pair of trainers
  13. Complete the Body Coach 90 Day SSS plan – I’m looking forward to this after a lot of time eating absolute rubbish in December – my gut, stomach and liver are excited for the gentle break too!
    30 Things Before I'm 30 Bucket List for 2018 Birthday
  14. Buy a Macbook
  15. go for 30 walks just for fun – considering the 40 minute walk to work each day and the fact that I really hate going on walks for fun, I feel this will be a real challenge but a nice way to spend time together as a family
  16. Achieve 10,000 steps per day, every day, including weekends. I currently don’t, please add me on FitBit and challenge me
  17. Clear out my old crappy makeup that I don’t use
  18. Moisturise my face and under eye area more so I don’t look old
  19. Write 80,000 words of a manuscript of one of the ten or so book ideas I have and want to progress with
  20. Be a better blogger and write at least 30 posts that are from the heart instread of for the cash
  21. Use all my planners every day, properly and stick to them
  22. Do the 1p Jar challenge – make Adam do this too – to save for Christmas
  23. Plan a 30th Birthday Party
  24. Focus on my health. I want to lose weight but I want to focus on my wellbeing, control emotional eating and generally feel better in my own skin
  25. Create a scapbook of the year – I’ve already started this thanks to Paperchase and want to get some photos printed shortly
  26. Go on a spontaneous, last minute (ish) adventure with Adam and Evie
  27. Go on a retreat spa break with Adam
  28. Completely change my hair style to something I’ve never had done before
  29. Say “Yes, I can” more rather than “I Can’t/Won’t/Don’t Want – I don’t want to keep saying No all the time, I just want to say No to the things that are wrong for me and Yes to things I can do or that will bring in more experiences
  30. Have a happy, healthy, fun filled adventure of a year learning, loving and embracing the future.

30 Things Before 30 2018


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