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Week 12 on the 52 Week Blogger Challenge is My Bucket List. I’ve tried to right bucket lists or at least lists of things I want to do before I’m older but I always forget. And I guess I can’t really put things that I am already doing, booked in or have paid for…they don’t really count do they? So I’m really going to try and think of some incredible things that I want to do in my lifetime that might not happen anytime soon and some that I would like to happen in the next twelve months or so.

  1. Attend Blogger Events. I didn’t even know that blogger events were a thing until last year. I want to go so that I can connect with other bloggers, listen to their stories, be inspired and motivated. I would also love to learn more about blogging as a professional. There’s a lot of research you can do online but that’s very time-consuming. Blogging events tend to pack conferences in so that you can learn, take notes and then put into practice. It takes the internet away from the learning process in a manner of speaking.
  2. Go on round the world cruise. Like the ones that last for three months. I’ve been on one mini cruise to Belgium and already I am sold. Cruising is my way of travelling. Checking in is effortless and simple. Luggage is not a problem. I do not intend to do a fly-cruise in my life. I want to board at Southampton and I want to return to Southampton. I plan on working my way up to a long cruise. We are on board P&O’s Azura in August to see the Fjords in Norway which I am really excited about. I want to fit in some more mini ones too and get my daughter involved. I appreciate I probably won’t be able to do the long world cruise until I am probably well into my fifties but that’s okay. As long as I do it one day. I just think it is well worth the money to be honest. You get to visit so many beautiful places and see some gorgeous ports then come back and travel in style with some glam events. I’ll probably want a suite for this as well so I’ll need to get saving.
  3. Write a book. I want to do this a lot sooner rather than later but I don’t know if I should go fiction or non-fiction. We’ll see!
  4. All the items on my other wishlists. Particularly this one featuring my favourite Joe Brown’s clothing and shoes!

I’m going to leave it there because to be honest those are three huge things for me. One is really my lifetime goal and the other two are more personal development and skills based and things I hope I can do and complete soon. Plus who knows, the book I write might be a massive hit and pay for the cruise I want! Here’s to the future and living the good life! Cheers!

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