books i've read and loved

Books I’ve Read and Loved

I love to read and I have a wonderful collection of books. It’s my absolute favourite thing to do to relax and when I get stuck in a good book I find it hard to put down until it’s finished. One of my personal goals this year was to take more time to read more and listen to more audio books and that’s exactly what I’ve done. Now we are well over half way through the year I wanted to share some of my absolute favourites and recommendations.

Some of my favourite books recently read:

The Girl on the Train

This is a fantastic thriller that I really loved. It kept me guessing throughout and it was really fast paced. The characters were enjoyable and worked well for the story. A big theme in this story is the affects of alcohol and how you can lose parts of yourself when you’re a drinker. It’s scary and can make you paranoid.

Bird Box

This was fantastic and a book I actually read last summer but couldn’t put it down I finished it the day I got it. Another thriller but unlike any I’ve ever read because you never actually know what is haunting the main protagonist. That’s a really interesting concept that left me with questions when I finished reading the book rather than answers. It was amazing.

Me Before You

I read this in a weekend whilst I was on a hen party. We had a lot of fun but me being an early bird I knew I’d be up early and needed something to occupy myself with so I read. I read this because I saw the film trailer and I am one of those people that if they find out there’s a book they will try and read that first. It was such an emotional read – and film, I might add. I really loved it.

After You

I’ve just finished the sequel to Me Before You and it was a great follow up with lots of tearful moments as well as the funny dialogue I expected from the previous story. I picked this up from Sainsburys for only £2.99 as well which I can’t really complain at! Its an unexpected sequel, I felt, but a really nice twist on the original and great to see how the characters have changed after the events of the first book.

The Glittering Court

I have really enjoyed listening to this story by Richelle Mead. It’s an interesting fantasy book about new worlds and self discovery with real world influences. It’s got a bit of a steampunk type feel which I really love and I have to say the reader is great for this, she’s got exactly the right voice for the characters throughout.

Afterlife & The Two Kings

Another two I have listened to thanks to my Audible subscription are the first two books from the Afterlife Trilogy about a girl who is escaping her past by moving to America where she meets a rich man who just happens to be a demon. I feel like I’ve kind of stepped away from supernatural romantic stories but I’ve enjoyed these two. I can’t really say that they’re classed as erotic fiction, there’s a lot of sex, mostly towards the end of the first and throughout the second but there’s a lot more to them than that.


This was a really great book that I’ve enjoyed recently despite it being a fairly old one. It’s such an interesting concept and the flick between various characters throughout is interesting. A sort of experimental thriller really, full of chase, questions and fear. I love that about crime and thriller books though. You never really feel safe throughout this book which makes it really effective.

The Diamond Throne trilogy

A fantasy trilogy I’ve never thought to read or listen to is this one which was one of Adam’s favourites. I really enjoyed listening to these though and found the characters really interesting and likeable. I’ve never really got into fantasy books like this before but after reading the Song of Ice and Fire saga I decided to give other fantasy novels a go and I really do enjoy the escapism into new worlds.

As a reader of the blog you may know I’m currently doing a creative writing course and that has made me want to get back into reading again and explore different styles of writing so that I can write my own book. It’s going to happen and I’m finally starting to put pen to paper thanks to reading such a diverse range of books recently and taking part in this course.

What have you read and loved recently? What’s on your summer reading list?

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